Fans were thrilled by the “unexpected scary experience” reported by Riho Yoshioka…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans were thrilled by the “unexpected scary experience” reported by Riho Yoshioka…!

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Actress Riho Yoshioka reported a certain “frightening experience” on her SNS.

Yoshioka showed a photo of herself crossing a suspension bridge on her SNS. Yoshioka, wearing a mask and sandals on a narrow plank, is bent over slightly and frozen. What in the world is this ……?

Yoshioka standing on the suspension bridge. He looks a little hunched over…! (From her Instagram @riho_yoshioka)

Tragedy of slippers on site (sneakers are strongly recommended when crossing the suspension bridge)! I tried my best not to appear strange in this memorable shot of two lovely couples.”

I wonder if they crossed the suspension bridge between shoots, etc. On September 5, he said, “I’ve started a new work…. It’s a big job that will take until next year. It’s going to be very interesting! On September 5, she reported on SNS that she had started crank-in for a new production. I wonder what kind of drama it is. …… I’m really looking forward to it!

Yoshioka was born in Kyoto in 1993. Originally from a small theater in Kyoto, she made her gravure debut in Weekly Playboy in 2014, and in 2016 she gained attention for her role in the NHK TV series Asa no Kita (Asa Comes).

She has appeared in high-profile films such as the movie “Meikasu” and the drama “Yutori desu Dake Naka”. She also appeared as “Dongitsune” in a Nissin Donbei commercial during the New Year’s Eve soba noodle season, and her fans went wild over how cute she was.

Yoshioka is now a nationally known actress. If Yoshioka stares at me, I get nervous ……!

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