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Why Kei Komuro’s Mother Kayo’s Criminal Complaint Was Returned Instead of Rejected

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Kei Komuro is about to marry Princess Mako. However, his mother, Kayo, has been criminally charged, and his personal situation is still unsettled…

“I have the support of national government officials.
“I’ve been to many trials, but I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

Kei Komuro is about to marry Princess Mako on October 26. However, it is safe to say that he is still in the midst of turmoil.

On October 12, journalist Shinohara Tsuneichiro, who recently filed a criminal complaint with the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office against Komuro Kayo for allegedly receiving a fraudulent survivor’s pension and an allegedly fraudulent injury and illness allowance, updated his YouTube page to reveal the progress of the case.

He submitted his complaint on October 6, but received a registered letter from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office three days later with a notice that it would be returned. It was not just a rejection.

“It’s not a rejection, but rather a request to identify the specific facts that constitute a crime. The specific facts regarding the requirements for constituting a crime are not stated, nor are they based on concrete evidence, and the facts of the accusation are not sufficiently specified. Please consider consulting with the police station that has jurisdiction over the place of the crime or the location of the perpetrator.

It seems that the letter was written to ask for a review of the contents.

Mr. Shinohara said that he sent the letter with the documents reported in the media and the calculations supporting the illegal receipt of the money, but it was not accepted. Mr. Shinohara has been to many trials, but this is the first time he has received a letter from the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office with instructions on how to file a criminal complaint, which seems to have given him a “good feeling.

He said that when he had filed a criminal complaint in the past, he had received a notice of non-acceptance three months later, and that it was rare for him to receive a “return” even though he had been able to reject the complaint this time.

He said, “This move to file a criminal complaint is known to government officials, and some of them said that some national government officials are supporting Mr. Shinohara. Mr. Shinohara also expressed his hope that the special investigators would feel the same way.

On the other hand, there seems to be some frustration that the investigative body has not acted even though so much evidence of illegal receipt of wages has been reported.

Shinohara says he is concerned about the Imperial Family, which is beloved by the people, and is actively working on it. “This is going to be a long battle,” he explains, suggesting that he may intend to continue pursuing Kayo’s problems even after Mako and Kei Komuro are married.

Now that the two-week quarantine period since his return to Japan is over, Mr. Komuro’s future movements are attracting attention. Before he marries Mako, it would be better to settle his financial problems and Kayo’s suspicion of receiving illegal payments…

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