Did you come here for money?” Giant Hayato Sakamoto, “Bed Photographs of Betrayal” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Did you come here for money?” Giant Hayato Sakamoto, “Bed Photographs of Betrayal”

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Sakamoto and Masahiko Morifuku visit a cabaret club in Roppongi in 18

The aftermath of Giant Hayato Sakamoto’s “abortion trouble” continues to unfold.

According to an article in Bunshun Online published on September 10, Sakamoto had ongoing physical relations with a woman in her 20s, often demanding extreme play and sexual intercourse without contraceptives. When the women told him they were pregnant, he would say, “If you’re going to take me down, the sooner the better, right? When the woman told him she was pregnant, he would press her, saying, “If you’re going to get me off, the sooner the better,” and “If you’re going to get me off, I’ll meet you.

On September 17, it was even reported that “TV stations that dealt with Sakamoto’s case may no longer receive information from the Giants about Shigeo Nagashima, whose health is under scrutiny. At this point, the Giants have not announced any disciplinary action against Sakamoto.

However, this is not the first time Sakamoto has been accused by a woman with whom he had a physical relationship or someone related to her. FRIDAY” has reported Sakamoto’s problems with women many times.

Sakamoto has been reported by “FRIDAY” on a number of occasions to have had problems with women. He has a sweet mask, but he’s an orahora type. I asked her to use contraception, but she kept inserting herself into me, and when I asked her to please let me out, she replied in an irritated voice, ‘Of course I have to! He replied in an irritated voice, “Of course!

In February 2003, Yumi (a pseudonym), a cabaret club girl in Miyazaki City, where the Giants’ training camp is located, confessed to “FRIDAY. She was summoned to the hotel where she was staying by Sakamoto, who had come to the bar to drink, and confessed that she was forced to engage in sexual intercourse without contraceptives, as described above.

On the way home, Sakamoto offered Yumi a crumpled bill as cab fare. When she expressed her dissatisfaction with the amount, Sakamoto replied, “I could give you more, but I don’t want to give you more money.

I could give you more, but did you come here to ask for money? Are you in need of money?”

Yumi was so taken aback by Sakamoto’s unsympathetic attitude that she decided to file a complaint against him with this magazine.

This was not the only time Sakamoto called her out suddenly. What made this “incident” even more problematic was the fact that the time Sakamoto was having an affair with Yumi coincided with his relationship with former gymnast Rie Tanaka, who was called the “fairy of the gymnastics world.

Sakamoto and Tanaka were said to be “seconds away from marriage. The cause of the breakup is not known, but Sakamoto’s frequently reported problems with women are probably not unrelated to the breakup.

How will Sakamoto “settle” this issue?

Sakamoto sleeping on his hotel bed the night he met Yumi.
Sakamoto leaving a cabaret club with a woman in 18 years.
On October 8, 2013, the last day of the pennant, he went to Roppongi at night, got into a cab with two beautiful women, and went to a love hotel in Dogenzaka.
He had been dating Tanaka and had temporarily cut back on his nightlife, but…

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