Suzu Hirose: Serious “Kick Boxing Gym Attendance” as seen by this magazine | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suzu Hirose: Serious “Kick Boxing Gym Attendance” as seen by this magazine

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Hirose leaves the scene after changing into her casual clothes at the end of a drama location shoot in November 2020. Her toned style is very cool.

My brother is an action movie buff, and that influence made me want to be strong and be able to fight. I wanted to be strong and be able to fight. Then one of my seniors at my office happened to be going there, so I followed him.

Suzu Hirose (24) has a strong image as a purist, but in 2007 she showed off her kickboxing mitts in the Mitsuya Cider commercial “Let’s get it on! KICBOXING. In an interview with the martial arts magazine “GONG,” he said the following about why he started kickboxing.

Martial artist Tenshin Nasukawa (24), who saw the commercial at the time, commented on his Twitter page, “Wow, he is at the level where he can compete in a normal match, lol. He even gave his approval to Hirose’s ability.

Hirose started boxing in earnest around 2005. He was invited by actor Ryo Katsuji (36), who was his senior at the office. The day was uploaded on their SNS, and Hirose said, ‘My muscles are properly sore. My butt is beat up.’ ‘This is the first time I’m doing it properly! I’m going to go to the gym,” she posted on Instagram. Katsuji also posted on Twitter, “I was shaken by Suzu Hirose’s athleticism.

On an early September evening, Hirose’s pickup truck was parked in front of a building in Shibuya Ward that housed a kickboxing gym. After a while, Hirose came out of the building with a clear expression on his face and jumped into the back seat.

This gym is famous for its personal training, which is rare among kickboxing gyms,” he said. The training is quite serious, and many female celebrities and models, including Laura (32), Nanao (33), and Haruna Kawaguchi (27), are known to go there” (sports newspaper reporter).

On June 19, her 24th birthday, Hirose reportedly watched the fight of the century between Tenshin Nasukawa and Takeru Takemoto at “THE MATCH 2022” held at Tokyo Dome with her boyfriend Kento Yamazaki (28). Could it be that she was there to appear in the next installment of the “Kingdom” movie series starring Yamazaki?

November 2021. A shot taken at the Fujifilm “Instax ‘Cheki’ New Product Announcement” event. Her legs, which can be glimpsed, are as toned as an athlete’s.
May 2022. A shot taken on location for a movie. Even in her flashy outfit, she is still cute!
  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Yusuke Kondo

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