Kou Shibasaki’s “flower-patterned one-piece” at the event of her new film “Galileo”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kou Shibasaki’s “flower-patterned one-piece” at the event of her new film “Galileo”!

Reunited with Dr. Yukawa, played by Masaharu Fukuyama, after 9 years!

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Escorted by Fukuyama, Shibasaki walked on the yellow carpet, named after the image color “yellow” of “Silence on Parade”. Her floral one-piece dress with a large opening at the décolleté area was eye-catching.

I’m back!

Kou Shibasaki (41) called out with a smile to about 400 “Galileo” fans at the Japan premiere event of “Silence on Parade” starring Masaharu Fukuyama (53) on August 31.

The event was attended by Fukuyama and Shibasaki, Kazuki Kitamura (53), Kazuki Iio (53), Naho Toda (48), Hiromasa Taguchi (54), Asuka Kawatoko (20), Natsuki Deguchi (20), Amane Okayama (28), Rei Dan (51), Kippei Shiina (58) and director Hiroshi Nishitani (60). The sight of the gorgeous cast gathered on the yellow carpet was breathtaking, and the venue was filled with excitement.

On the day of the event, Shibasaki was dressed in a retro floral one-piece dress. She appeared in a white limousine as the “Galileo” theme song, familiar to fans of the series, played in the background, and smiled shyly as she was escorted smartly by Fukuyama.

The film is the third installment of the “Galileo” series based on Keigo Higashino’s novel of the same title. For Shibasaki, it is her return to the series after a nine-year absence. She was reunited with the genius physicist Manabu Yukawa, played by Fukuyama, for the first time in a long time, but “I was nervous,” she recalled on the first day of shooting.

I was nervous,” she said on the first day of shooting. “We started shooting a scene with a lot of dialogue, but Mr. Fukuyama had already shot the drama (*a special drama commemorating the release of the film version), so he was already Dr. Yukawa. I saw the perfect Mr. Yukawa right in front of me, so I was like, ‘Oh ……, I have to do it! I felt like, ‘Oh okay, I have to do it!

In response to Shibasaki’s words, Fukuyama said, “I was happy to see Utsumi (Shibasaki’s character) in front of me. Utsumi is the one who makes Yukawa what she is. Through communication with Utsumi, I could tell that Yukawa-san is this kind of person. I was happy to see him again as Yukawa,” said Utsumi.

This film also marks the return of Fukuyama and Shibasaki’s music unit “KOH+. Regarding the theme song “Hitotsuboshi,” which was written by Fukuyama for the film, Shibasaki, who sang the vocals, said, “When I was singing the song, Fukuyama gave me detailed direction. The emotions of the characters that I wasn’t playing came to me. I was so moved that I was able to sing the song honestly.

Shibasaki continues to shine as both an actress and a singer, and we can’t wait to see this golden tag team back on the big screen after a 9-year absence!

Kou Shibasaki smiles and waves to fans at the Japan premiere of “Silence on Parade.
Kazuki Kitamura (left), Masaharu Fukuyama (center) and Kou Shibasaki from the cast of “Parade of Silence.
Kitamura walks on the yellow carpet while taking a selfie, and Fukuyama and Shibasaki can’t help but smile.
Masaharu Fukuyama and Kou Shibasaki at the Japan premiere event of the movie “Silence on Parade
Masaharu Fukuyama at the Japan premiere of “Silence on Parade
Kou Shibasaki at the Japan premiere event of “Silence on Parade
  • Photo by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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