Sou Takei draws fire for “Sakamoto is popular with girls,” but deflects the issue to “sex education” and puts out the fire. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sou Takei draws fire for “Sakamoto is popular with girls,” but deflects the issue to “sex education” and puts out the fire.

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Takei Sou was “under fire” for mentioning the scandal involving the Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto. But the way he dodged the situation was impressive…

Self-proclaimed “King of the Hundred Beasts,” Takei’s risk avoidance skills are remarkable…

On September 10, Bunshun Online reported on the “abortion trouble” of Yomiuri Giants’ leading player, Hayato Sakamoto. Sakamoto had a sexual relationship with a woman he met at a drinking party, then demanded sexual intercourse without contraceptives and extreme play, and the woman eventually became pregnant. Sakamoto implicitly asked the woman to have an abortion, and the woman was so shocked that she attempted suicide.

The Internet was flooded with criticism of Sakamoto’s words and actions, which seemed to treat the woman as if she were an object. In the midst of all this, Takei touched on the series of incidents in response to a viewer’s question during a live YouTube broadcast on January 11.

Sakamoto is, of course, popular with the ladies. He’s super cool. He’s got a well-trained body, he’s tall, and he’s got great skin.

He has money, is very successful, and hits home runs with a bang. When you meet a guy like that, girls want to get to know him.

“I wonder why someone who doesn’t know them well is leaking information about them.

He pointed the finger at the women’s side. When this became news on some online media, Takei’s “too shallow” comment was met with criticism.

The point of contention is off.
It’s not about being popular or not popular.

Takei expressed his displeasure at these comments.

Takei expressed his displeasure at this. He immediately took to Twitter and wrote

Why do they always write articles with titles and in a way that tarnishes people’s reputations? Is it because they don’t care about people’s image, effort, or life as long as they can make money?

I don’t understand the nerve of someone who picks up a random answer to a question on YouTube Live and writes an article that makes even me, who has nothing to do with it, look bad. I don’t understand the nerve.

I don’t understand the nerve of them.

On the 16th, without mentioning Sakamoto’s name, she expressed her thoughts on abortion on Twitter.

I want to have a child as a result of a stupid act, I want you to stop, I’m breaking up with you, I’m in pain! What is necessary is not an article or anything that exposes it, but “sex education” that even junior high school students can understand. Before settlements and weekly magazines, you should sincerely join hands with the child you both aborted, reflect and apologize.

He posted. In a subsequent tweet, he referred to his own upbringing

If we can create a system that makes it easier for such families to live together and support their children even if their parents leave them, it will make it easier for them to have children. I wish we could do that.

Takei even proposed a solution.

Takei has recently become a target of online slander.

He is furious at being treated as a “dog of power,” and has even threatened legal action. A person who knows Takei said

Takei is not the type to take a firm stance, but is sensitive and gets angry at things posted on the Internet. He was probably concerned about his image when he put out the Sakamoto incident.

Takei is currently a member of the Japan Fencing Association.

Takei is currently the president of the Japan Fencing Association. This summer, the Tokyo Olympics national team’s training camp in Okinawa was criticized as being on the “tourist level,” and as a result, the team announced that it would not apply to receive subsidies from the JOC and other organizations. As a result, the team announced that it would not apply for subsidies from the JOC and other organizations. Takei took the brunt of the criticism, and was subjected to a barrage of media scrutiny.

The real Takei talks a lot. He seemed to talk at length to the media about the fencing issue, but he didn’t really get to the point, and only a few lines of commentary were used….

He may have called it a ‘clipping,’ but when I listened to the recorder again, he was jumping around and contradicting himself, so I really didn’t know what he was talking about,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

Even so, it is commendable that he moved immediately to explain in his own words. This is another example of “wild intuition.

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