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Don Juan of the martial arts world” Koji’s amazing “history with women

The history of a man who is "irresistibly popular" with women...!

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As he held Nishiyama’s second daughter in his arms, he was kissed by a drunken Nishiyama, who took the kiss by surprise and looked as if he had been hit by a counterattack.

I’m the ‘Don Juan of the martial arts world,’ …… but I think it’s time for me to stop trying to be so bossy.”

In the September 16 issue of “FRIDAY,” we reported on the close relationship between martial artist Koji (36) and former “Can Can” model Maki Nishiyama (36), who was photographed passionately kissing on the street after dinner with her children.

When we interviewed him directly, Koji said to himself, “This man is so popular that he can’t help being popular with others.

On the day the “scoops” were captured, Nishiyama, his two children, and a group of seven people, including Koji and his friend, were enjoying dinner at a monja restaurant. At 1:00 a.m., when Koji came out with Nishiyama’s second daughter in his arms, Nishiyama, who came out later than Koji, approached Koji and suddenly put his lips to hers. Normally, this would be a “hot love scoop” moment, but in the case of Koji, it is not so easy to say for sure. In fact, the day before this, he had kissed another beautiful woman at a gas station. As for Nishiyama, Koji said.

I respect him as a person.

As for kissing another beautiful woman.

“That kind of thing is an everyday occurrence.

He avoided any mention of his relationship with another beautiful woman, and kept the reporters in suspense. As is his wont, FRIDAY once again takes a look back at the “Don Juan” behavior that we have seen in Koji.

A “Sweet Life” with a Beautiful Professional Golfer

Koji when he was in a relationship with Morita, who was said to be about to get married. At the time, he seemed more like a “nice young man” than a “Don Juan”…

It was in April 2019 that we captured his “sweet life” with former professional golfer Rikako Morita (29), who had won the top prize in 2013 and decided to retire from the front lines the year before. She was accompanied by her then boyfriend, Koji. The two moved their belongings out of the Tokyo apartment and put them on a light truck to a family-type apartment. Apparently, they were moving to an apartment that would become Morita’s new base of operations. When we directly confronted Koji, he said.

He said, “I just helped him move. A man has to be popular.

I can tell you one thing: the woman who is chosen by me is the happiest man in the world. I will make her happy no matter what anyone says.

He said these words with great dignity. However, before his tongue had dried up, he went to …….

Hotel Date with Former Synchro Japan Team Member

After dinner with Aoki, they headed for a high-class hotel.

In September 2020, just as he and Morita were reportedly about to get married, Koji was spotted shopping at a luxury brand store in Roppongi (Minato Ward) with another woman who was not Morita. The other woman was Ai Aoki, 35, a former representative of Japan’s artistic swimming team. Koji had just lost three days earlier at “RIZIN.24” after a fierce fight with Tenshin Nasukawa (22). Despite a large swelling in his left eye and a painful scar, the two left the restaurant and headed for downtown Shibuya, where they enjoyed dinner at a shabu-shabu restaurant before entering an upscale hotel in secret. Directly in front of me, I first asked him about his marriage to Morita.

No, no, I don’t know about that.”

When I asked him about his hotel date with Aoki, he replied.

When I asked him about his hotel date with Aoki, he replied, “No, we didn’t. We didn’t. (His smile faded from his face.)”

No, I didn’t. It’s really not right. When is this going to be published?

As one would expect, he seemed flustered by the situation.

Koji is a man who is irresistibly popular. What kind of Don Juan behavior will he show us next?

The day before the roadside kiss with Nishiyama. Another woman is in the passenger seat of Koji’s luxury Mercedes Benz. At a gas station, they kissed while filling up.
Koji and Nishiyama have a friendly meal at a monjayaki restaurant.
The “good-looking” Koji helps Morita with his move.
Koji was suspected of “two-timing” with Morita and Aoki, and was indeed upset when this magazine directly hit him.
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