Yugo Takaji of “SixTONES” visited “That senior’s stage” alone. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yugo Takaji of “SixTONES” visited “That senior’s stage” alone.

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After watching a play by Masaki Aiba, a member of “Arashi” whom he adores, Takaji emerges from the backstage entrance alone and gets into a cab to pick him up.

I love Aiba-kun,” he said, “I love him so much I can’t even talk to him… I love his humanity.

In January 2020, Yugo Takaji, 28, the leader of the SixTONES, exploded his feelings toward Masaki Aiba, 39, a member of Arashi, in an appearance on “Arashi ni Shyagare” (Nippon Television Network Corporation).

Takaji’s love for Aiba is very well known among fans. When Matsumoto Jun (39), a member of “Arashi”, pointed out Aiba’s mistake during the MC at a live performance of “Arashi” at the National Stadium in 2010, Takaji heard the fans around him say, “It’s Aiba-chan, that’s why he’s so good. He said he felt that Aiba was a genius who could make fans smile even when he made a mistake, and that is how he came to aspire to be Aiba.

This magazine witnessed that Takaji’s “love” for Aiba was genuine.

On June 14, Takaji was in the audience of a performance of “Welcome, Minato Sensei” featuring Aiba at the New National Theatre (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). He apparently visited the theater alone and went straight to the backstage entrance after the performance. He got into a pick-up cab parked in front of the backstage entrance of the underground parking lot and left the theater alone.

Immediately afterward, SNS was flooded with posts from Johnny’s fans who had come to see the play, such as “Takaji-kun was there,” and “He was sitting alone in the related parties’ section.

Speaking of Takaj, he was found to be infected with a new type of coronavirus on August 28. After a period of recuperation, he just resumed his activities on September 8, and the following day, he began performing in “A Summer Night’s Dream,” his first stage production outside of Johnny’s. Will he be able to follow in the footsteps of his beloved Aiba?

He was dressed simply in a denim shirt with a checkered pattern and black pants, but it seemed he could not drown out the aura of a super idol.

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