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Shibuno, Ike, Naoko Takahashi… Women Athletes’ “Aura Outside of Competition” Photos

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January of this year. I hit Shibuno directly as he was leaving the hotel. Shibuno looked surprised and said, “What? Shibuno looked surprised and hurriedly got into the pickup truck.

“Two years without a win is a long time or a short time? Or is it short and long? I don’t know, hahaha. I don’t know, but the tears reminded me of many things.

Hinako Shibuno (22) cried after her first win in two years at the Stanley Ladies held until October 10. After playing, she told the press with a big smile on her face. The “Shibuko smile” returned after a long absence. “She must have been overjoyed to be back on the court after such a long time.

It was in January of this year that I caught Shibuno’s first passionate love.

Sitting in the back seat of a one-box car, Shibuno was heading for a quiet residential area in Tokyo. After driving for a while, the car stopped at a parking lot in front of a certain apartment building. At the entrance to the apartment, he sees a man in loungewear. It was TV Tokyo announcer Kasuga Nozawa, 31, whom Shibuno had a crush on.

“The first time we met was on a sports talk show that Shibuno appeared on in January 2008. Nozawa was the facilitator. It seems that Shibuno became more attracted to Nozawa as they went out to dinner together after their performance on the show. After that, they started to date alone and started dating last fall.

Female athletes have a tough look on their faces when they are playing, which wears out their bodies and minds. However, when they leave the arena, another side of their faces can be seen. They are not the same as athletes who are fighting on the edge of their lives, but their attractive side can be seen. We hope you can feel the aura of these women in these treasured photos.

Miracle Swimmers with Veteran Entertainers

Rikako Ike has dinner with her family, including Osami Nabe (the man in the flashy shirt on the left), taken in August 2007.

Rikako Ikegami (21), who overcame leukemia to make a miraculous comeback at the Tokyo Olympics, chats with TV personality Nabeyakan and his family in front of Setagaya Station in Tokyo during the day in August 2007. An athlete and a veteran celebrity. Why do two people who seem to have no connection at all have such a close relationship?

They met through an acquaintance around July of 2007,” said Nabe-san. Mr. Nabe-san has been telling people that he can heal people’s illnesses by holding his hands over them. Perhaps he heard the rumor and was introduced to Mr. Ikegami.

For more information on Nabe’s “hand-holding therapy,” please refer to his book, “Showa no Kaibutsu: Ura Mo Omote Mo Showbiz. In his book, “Showa no Kaibutsu: Ura mo Omote no Showbiz Sekai,” he describes how he helped Sadaharu Oh, the chairman of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, recover from cancer by “holding his hand” over the affected area.

“When Ike was in the hospital, Nabe-san went to her hospital room and ‘treated’ her. After she was released from the hospital in Obon, she visited Nabe-san several times a week to receive treatment.

Around 5:00 p.m., the group went to an Italian restaurant near the station. They must have had a good time talking. They came out of the restaurant more than three hours later, after 8 p.m.

Holding hands and looking at each other on the station platform: ……

In November 2008, Fukuhara and Nishikori walked hand in hand in downtown Harajuku, Tokyo. Even though they were noticed by others, they looked proud of themselves.

This magazine has also suppressed valuable photos of past Olympic athletes.

In November 2008, we reported on a romantic date between London Olympic silver medalist Ai Fukuhara (32) and Rio Olympic bronze medalist Kei Nishikori (31). It was a wholesome relationship that took them to aroma stores and cafes in Harajuku, Tokyo, but this was the first time they were both reported to be in love. Many of our readers must have been surprised at how intimate they were, holding hands and looking at each other on the station platform.

“Ai’s private life was going well, but her performance in international competitions was not so good at the time. When she returned to Japan in December, she was asked by the press about her relationship with Nishikori, she stiffened her face and bowed deeply, saying, ‘I’m really sorry about this. (Sports journalist)

Before she knew it, Fukuhara and Nishikori had broken up. After that, Fukuhara got back on track and married Taiwanese national team player Jiang Hongjie, but announced their divorce in July this year. She appeared on TV as a commentator for the Tokyo Olympics.

In a direct interview, she said, “I’m not hiding it.

Naoko Takahashi and her boyfriend leaving a luxury hotel in March 2012.

“Q-chan has started living in a castle with her boyfriend.

It was in March of 2012 that a reporter flew to Chiba to get such information. In March 2012, a reporter flew to Chiba to get this information. In and out of the castle, estimated at 200 million yen, were Sydney Olympics gold medalist Naoko Takahashi (49) and the handsome man who looked after her. According to a source, he is a former trainer for “Team Q” and Q-chan’s personal manager.

However, the relationship between the two was much closer than a professional one. This magazine caught the two of them staying at a luxury hotel, and interviewed Q-chan directly at …….

“We started dating in late 2009. I’m not trying to hide it. I just don’t get asked about it.

Q-chan was unfazed by the direct hit and showed her white teeth. The two have continued their relationship since then and are still living together.

Not only do they set records, but they also remain in people’s memories. That is the way of life of a top athlete.

Gymnasts Maa Murakami and Kenzo Shirai. After leaving the convenience store, they get into a car and drive to their dormitory.
Airi Hatakeyama (rhythmic gymnastics) and Seiya Suzuki (baseball)
Ryoko Tamura (judo) and Takanobu Jumonji (bicycle racing)
Yoko Shibui (marathon) and Shingo Suecon (short distance)
Miki Ando (Figure Skating) and Yasuharu Nanri (Figure Skating)
Rie Tanaka (Gymnastics) and Hayato Sakamoto (Baseball)
Sharapova, the Russian fairy (tennis)
  • Photography Takahiro Kagawa, Takero Kizuka, Sota Shima, Junsei Todoroki

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