Yuriko Ishida’s “kissing face without any clothes on” makes fans happy… | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuriko Ishida’s “kissing face without any clothes on” makes fans happy…

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Yuriko Ishida will always be Yuriko Ishida…! (AFLO)

Actress Yuriko Ishida’s “kissing face shot” on her Instagram account has become a big hit. “She is wearing a beige one-piece dress, and she is wearing a white dress.

Ishida is wearing a beige dress and holding a beige carnation bouquet. In the first photo, she is covering her mouth with the bouquet, and in the second photo, she is holding the bouquet to her cheek and pouting slightly as if she is kissing. In both photos, Ishida looks completely bare. Her face looks like a little girl’s, and her fans can’t hide their surprise. The angelic expression on her face makes us swoon.

In the photo, there is a woman behind Ishida through the glass. Who the hell is this woman ……?

Apparently, this woman is the actress Itaya Yuka, with whom Ishida has a close relationship. Itaya has often appeared on Ishida’s Instagram.

“She is a frequent visitor to Ishida’s Instagram. The photo was taken on the day he surprised me for my birthday. The person in the glass in the photo, thank you for everything. The beige carnation and the color of the dress I was wearing that day were the same.

Ishida had just celebrated his 52nd birthday on October 3, and it seems that Itaya had surprised him. It’s very impressive to see Itaya’s big smile through the glass. It shows how good their relationship is. It seems that actress Makiko Watanabe was also there for the celebration. Ishida and Watanabe had co-starred in the drama “TOKYO MER – Running Emergency Room” on TBS. Although they were dog-eat-dog in their roles in the drama, they seemed to be great friends in real life, which made the fans smile.

The drama “Tokyo Mer,” in which Ishida played an active role, maintained a high viewer rating during its broadcast, and the average household rating for the last episode was an astounding 19.5% (Kanto area, according to Video Research). The average household rating for the last episode was 19.5% (according to Video Research).

I wonder what kind of role he will play next. We can’t take our eyes off everyone’s favorite Ishida any more. ……!

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