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Rep. Garcy: Tachibana Party Leader Considers Disciplinary Action for “Outing Remarks” to Actor

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What will the NHK Party do about the actor’s “gay allegations” and what will the NHK Party do about it?

Mr. Gershey, who has gained popularity as an outspoken YouTube star, ran for the NHK Party in the Upper House election in July and was elected. On September 11, he made a “revelation” that has become an issue.

In a live-streaming session on “Tsuikas,” he revealed the real names of a male actor A and a male celebrity B and alleged that they were gay. The source of the information was a “well-known story” in the gay world, and there was no indication that he had “corroborated” the information with the people concerned, but rather spoke of it only as a rumor.

The shocking revelation has become a topic of conversation on the Internet.

Is it the job of a councilor to expose other people’s sexuality?
What Gurnsey is doing is an act of outing. Even if it is a lie, it is a violation of the other party’s human rights and image, and it is disgusting.

These are harsh words for Mr. Gershie, who exposed the truth. However, sadly, some of the comments are discriminatory toward A and B. The problem in this case is the fact that these comments are true.

The problem in this case is that, if this statement is true, Mr. Gershey made a definitive statement based solely on rumors, even though A and B have not revealed their sexuality. The fact that a member of the Diet, who represents the people, “outed” a person (especially a sexual minority) to a third party without his or her consent.

The “Hitotsubashi University Outing Incident” that took place in 2003 is one that comes to mind as a case of “outing.

A student fell to his death from a university building after a classmate revealed to him that he was gay on a LINE group among classmates. The bereaved family filed a civil lawsuit to hold the classmate who exposed him and the university responsible.

The family and the classmate reached a settlement, but the case was taken to the Tokyo High Court to hold the university responsible. The high court dismissed the bereaved family’s claim following the Tokyo District Court’s decision in the first trial, but the presiding judge made reference to the illegality of the outing, saying, ‘It is clear that the act was a serious violation of personal rights and the right to privacy, and that it is an unforgivable act.

Despite the court’s decision, Mr. Gershey used the outing as an exposé. Mr. Munetsugu Matsuoka, president of “fair,” a general incorporated association that disseminates information on sexual minorities, is outraged by his revelation.

To begin with, what he said is only a rumor, and no one knows the facts,” he said. To assert that Mr. Garcey’s statement was “outing” is to give the impression that it is true, so we must be careful.

However, Mr. Gershey is also a member of the House of Councillors, and it is extremely malicious and problematic for a member of the Diet, who is supposed to protect the rights of citizens, to take the initiative in violating the privacy of others, such as “outing,” for his own benefit. His position as a legislator should also be severely questioned in terms of violating rights and promoting discrimination and prejudice.”

In his revelations, Mr. Gershey said.

I don’t deny that I’m gay, I don’t deny that I’m bi, I don’t deny that I’m lesbian. I don’t deny being gay, I don’t deny being bi, and I don’t deny being lesbian. I think it’s fine. I think it’s totally fine.

He also said that he is not negative about homosexuality. Matsuoka also stated that he is not negative about homosexuality, saying, “I don’t think it’s okay.

He said, “Using the revelation of one’s sexuality as a topic of conversation is a form of disparagement toward homosexuality, and it is no excuse for what you are doing. Immediately after this statement, he also said, “I thought it would be more interesting if a weekly magazine picked up the story,” which also clearly shows a discriminatory attitude.

This clearly shows a discriminatory attitude,” he points out. Moreover, Mr. Gershey said

When you hear this, it changes your viewpoint a little. (I was quite surprised by A, too.

A was quite surprising to me, too,” he said. In other words, he understands that his revelation will have a serious impact on A.

Mr. Gurnsey has been hostile to the production company to which A belongs, and has been attacking other actors who belong to the company since the start of YouTube. In fact, in this revelation, he named the production company, and then the talent who belonged to it, one by one, until he finally named A, as if he had been waiting for it.

Since this case concerned sexuality, which is highly private and personal information, it was difficult for both A and the production company to refute the allegations. If he knew this and exposed it, it is inevitable that he would be held accountable as a member of the Diet.

The NHK Party, to which Mr. Garcey belongs, has pledged to actively seek discussions on gender and diversity in the Diet. Therefore, I asked Takashi Tachibana, leader of the party, “If a member of the Diet has made an outing regarding a celebrity, what do the NHK Party and leader Tachibana think about this revelation?” I asked him.

If the parties concerned (Mr. A, Mr. B, or their related parties) have any complaints to the NHK Party, we will sincerely respond to them.

He replied by e-mail.

If the party or party leader Tachibana is aware that Councilor Gershie’s revelation is an outing, does the party intend to take some kind of disciplinary action against Councilor Gershie? To the question, “Is the party planning to take some sort of disciplinary action against Councilor Gershey?

I am not aware of the Hitotsubashi University Outing Incident. I am not aware of the Hitotsubashi University outing case, so this is the first time I have heard of the term “outing. I do not deny the possibility of punishing Higashitani depending on the outcome of the case, after NHK Party responds to the request from the parties concerned.

In other words, if there is no request from the parties concerned, the NHK Party will take no action, but if there is a request from the parties concerned, depending on the outcome, there is a possibility of taking disciplinary action.

Mr. Gershie’s outing has made it clear that the A and B parties are not in agreement.

By outing Mr. Gershey, A and B may suffer specific harm or disadvantage due to discrimination and prejudice.

Despite such a sensitive issue, Mr. Gershey blew it on the Internet. How will he take responsibility as a member of the Diet, and what kind of judgment will be made by the NHK party and the House of Councilors, the “seat of common sense”?

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