The intention of “Chimu Dongdan,” involving a former minister, is to make people laugh with a series of “Masha-ka-ya-“. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The intention of “Chimu Dongdan,” involving a former minister, is to make people laugh with a series of “Masha-ka-ya-“.

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For Yuna Kuroshima, the heroine of “Chimu Doton,” this drama will become black history…

Is she so busy that she complains about every single drama? Or is she just looking for attention?

On September 3, former Vice Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Yosuke Isozaki, who lost his seat in the House of Councillors election in 2007, took to Twitter to complain about NHK’s morning drama “Chimudo-don” (Chimudo-don).

Aside from the logicality of the script, there were some expressions that exceeded the acceptable limit for NHK’s morning drama this week, such as calling his sister’s boyfriend “secondhand” and a visitor to the hospital bringing prayer beads. It may have already been recorded, but it would be better if someone in charge gave appropriate advice to the production staff.

tweeted. To this.

《I’m not going over the top. There are people who enjoy watching it, so if you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it.

Morning dramas are enjoyed by both fans and antagonists, even though they are excited and annoyed.

Isozaki had previously tweeted, “I’m not a fan of this.

Mr. Isozaki had previously tweeted about “Chimudo-don” that “the logic of the script has collapsed” and “NHK needs to reflect on this matter,” and was criticized for being out of line. He is no longer a member of the Diet.

Now, “Chimu-Don” even mentions such a “former minister,” but the “#Chimu-Don review meeting” on Twitter is as lively as ever. The reason for this is that despite all the criticism, the unusual scene has not gone away, but rather is still going on.

It is a well-known fact that in morning dramas, even after they start airing, the scripts are reworked based on viewers’ reactions. Often, when actors who appear in supporting or minor roles become popular, their scenes are suddenly increased.

One would think that the script would be changed if there is so much criticism, but the production side does not seem to be interested in doing so.

If there is a problem with the script, it would be the scriptwriter’s responsibility, but Daisuke Habara, the scriptwriter, the production manager, and the chief director of this drama, said that the script was worked out by the scriptwriter, the production manager, and the chief director.

In other words, the script was the consensus of the entire team that created the script. A veteran producer who has been involved in drama production at a key station for many years said, “The entire team of scriptwriters worked together to create a script that would appeal to the viewers.

I don’t think the entire team of scriptwriters is out of sync with the viewers’ sensibilities. The most likely reason is that they were trying to make the drama more interesting and were aiming for the “laugh” crowd. The part that particularly threw me off was when the main character, Nobuko’s mother-in-law (Suzuki Honami), mistook her grandson’s name for the name of the restaurant, “Chimu Doton.

I couldn’t help but crack a smile and say, “Of course not! It’s a new comedy now. I don’t know if we hit the mark or not, but considering the fact that there are new viewers who enjoy it, I’d say it was a success.

The “no way, no way, no way” stories that followed were probably the intention from the beginning. Perhaps, he said, the viewers saw the excitement on the Internet and began to feel that the show was “delicious” and added new things to make it more interesting.

The fact that viewer ratings have not fallen in spite of such criticism may be due to the fact that the drama is habit-forming, of course, but it may also be because more people have started watching the drama in order to participate in the “#Chimdong Reflection Party”. If this is the case, it is quite a “flame war”.

There are only a few more episodes left to air. Many viewers are probably looking forward to the climax of the drama to see what kind of “makka-ya” will come out of it.

The “#ChimuDon’t reflect on the past” has been a very exciting episode. I would love to see a “MASAKAYA” scene feature and ranking like the “NG scene feature” at the end.

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