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Can Kei Komuro live in New York without the support of the Imperial Household Agency?

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Kei Komuro Prepares for Marriage

Kei Komuro (30), whose marriage to Princess Mako (29) has been announced, has returned to Japan after a three-year and two-month absence from New York, where he studied, and has spent the entirety of October 11 at home waiting for the new coronavirus.

“The most pressing issues are how to resolve the financial troubles between Ms. Komuro’s mother, Kayo, and her former fiance, and how to get through the press conference scheduled for October 26. The Imperial Household Agency is also on edge about this, but communication with the Komuro side seems to be strained.

The Imperial Household Agency’s “nervousness” is, of course, also directed at the expected honeymoon in New York after the marriage. Specifically, where will they live? What about rent? What about security costs? What about food? What about work? As far as work is concerned, Ms. Komuro is already working for Lowenstein Sandler, a mid-sized US law firm.

“In the beginning, whether it’s the largest or a medium-sized firm, you’re going to be an assistant who’s always busy with paperwork. The annual salary is around 25 million yen, but I think it is not enough to survive in New York, where the cost of living is much higher than in Tokyo,” said a person familiar with the legal situation in the United States.

Is there a risk of being fired?

“There is a risk of being fired? The most important thing is to develop new clients. On the flip side, you don’t fire someone who has a firm grip on clients and sponsors and is able to keep the firm afloat.

All this time, Prince Akishino has been demanding that Mr. Komuro’s side clear “a situation that many people will be satisfied and happy with,” and Mr. Komuro has responded by releasing the “Komuro Documents.

However, the current situation has turned out to be one of disappointment and pessimism on the part of many people.

“It seems to me that Prince Akishino has given up the series of ceremonies that he had envisioned as a member of the royal family and has decided to allow his daughter to marry as a father. The main reason why he was able to make that decision was that Ms. Komuro now had a basis for her life. On the other hand, it is almost impossible to live in the U.S. with only a basic income, and there is always the risk of being fired from one’s job. I can imagine that His Highness Prince Akishino has a great deal of anxiety when he sends Princess Mako away.

Taking into account the wishes of Prince Akishino, the Imperial Household Agency is said to have approached Mr. Komuro about the possibility of supporting him in the future.

“The Imperial Household Agency has also approached Mr. Komuro about the possibility of supporting him in the future. Mako has refused to accept the lump-sum payment, and the Imperial Household Agency has a feeling close to parental love that ‘if she’s really struggling, we want her to be able to rely on us without hesitation,’ but it seems that this feeling is not being conveyed easily.

A person familiar with the legal situation in the U.S. pointed this out.

“If there is such a message from the Imperial Household Agency, it’s not that it’s not getting through, but rather that Ms. Komuro has decided that she doesn’t need to rely on them. I’ve heard that Ms. Komuro has a number of advisors around her who are aware of her potential and have a wealth of financial and personal connections. However, they are not the kind of ‘foot-long uncles’ who give a helping hand to those in need, but the greedy type who will make sure they get back what they have invested.

The “team” is said to be involved in Mr. Komuro’s study at Fordham University in New York, as well as in his engagement and marriage.

“If Mr. Komuro passes the bar exam, which will be announced in December, and starts his career as a lawyer in earnest, he will receive work through the team’s projects, and his income will probably be close to 100 million. On the other hand, it may sound unpleasant to say, but I have heard some people in the area say that Mr. Komuro is being framed and that they feel sorry for him. Mr. Komuro may not have any intention of revealing the existence of such a backer to Prince Akishino or the Imperial Household Agency.

Mr. Komuro and Princess Mako’s newlywed life in New York will begin soon.

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