Celebrating Yusuke Santamaria’s Second Marriage! His “Thoughts on Remarriage” as told to this magazine | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating Yusuke Santamaria’s Second Marriage! His “Thoughts on Remarriage” as told to this magazine

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In June of 2008, Yusuke Santamaria told us about his desire to get married. Yusuke Santamaria was puzzled, but firmly expressed his desire to get married when this magazine directly interviewed him. She was staring at him intently.

Actor and TV personality Yusuke Santamaria (51) has reportedly remarried. According to NEWS POST SEVEN, the bride is a civilian woman 20 years younger than him, and they have already started their honeymoon in Tokyo and will hold their wedding ceremony at a luxury hotel overlooking Tokyo Bay in late October.

Yusuke’s first marriage was in 2004. However, their lives as a couple began to diverge due to Yusuke’s busy schedule, and after 10 years of separation, they divorced in June 2018. Yusuke suddenly announced his divorce on a variety show one year after the divorce, partly because his partner was a civilian, but originally he rarely talks about his private life in public. Since his new partner is also a member of the general public, he probably avoided announcing it.

(A source at an entertainment agency) Yusuke, however, did in fact express his desire to marry her to “FRIDAY”.

In early June of 2020, Yusuke and his girlfriend were at a supermarket in Tokyo. They left the supermarket after buying bananas, lactic acid drinks, and Japanese beef fillet, and stopped at a fashionable general store. She pointed to a plant in the store and Yusuke, without hesitation, took the plant and went straight to the cash register. They continued to enjoy shopping, then got into a cab and returned to their apartment in good humor. At this time, they had been dating for about a year. They were already living together.

A few days later, we interviewed the couple as they came out of their apartment, holding hands in good humor. When I asked them about their remarriage, they replied, “I was surprised! I was surprised,” they replied.

I’m not sure yet, but I’d like to get married in the future. Well, I hope we can get married in the future.

He was very clear about his desire to remarry, while being considerate of the smiling woman by his side.

I wish you a long and happy life!

She is a slender, tall beauty reminiscent of actress Manami Konishi
While shopping, the two of them did not talk much, but they selected their items with the same attentive attention to detail as a married couple who have been together for many years.
Although surprised by the direct hit, she was walking alongside Yusuke.
Just before the direct hit, they came out of the apartment. Even from the back, you can feel their lovey-dovey atmosphere.
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