Ai Hashimoto’s “Angry” performance in “Trako, the Tutor” shows her ability to grow | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Hashimoto’s “Angry” performance in “Trako, the Tutor” shows her ability to grow

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Ai Hashimoto shows her growth as an actress in the drama “Tutor Traco

The Wednesday drama series “Tutor Traco” (NTV) starring actress Ai Hashimoto is finally reaching its climax. The eighth episode was aired on September 7, and the super character Trako (played by Hashimoto) was unveiled.

This drama is an original work by screenwriter Kazuhiko Youkawa, known for his hit “Mita, the Housekeeper” (NTV). Torako Nezu, a tutor with a 100% pass rate, solves the problems of three children of different ages and their mothers in this tutoring-style human drama.

This work is in the lineage of “Mita, the Housekeeper,” in which the people around her are changed by the appearance of a super character who does not exist in real life. In the seventh episode, the three families’ problem-solving format that had been built up until the sixth episode is destroyed, and we finally enter the final chapter, which touches the heart of the matter.

Hashimoto’s passionate seven-minute performance on the hospital bed, in which she describes her “grand dream,” which could be called an ambition, beginning with “I want to change the world,” took me by surprise,” said a producer from a production company.

(A producer from a production company) “Hashimoto’s passionate performance for seven minutes was quite astonishing.

I hate it! Words like ‘impossible’ and ‘unbelievable. You don’t know unless you try. That’s what a human being should do.

Trako is furious, saying, “You’ll never know if you don’t try. This scene was the quintessence of screenwriter Kazuhiko Youkawa, who has never hesitated to declare that “anger is the greatest power to create drama. Hashimoto has met these expectations.

This is the third Yukawa film Hashimoto has appeared in, following “Dosho no Sakura” (2007) and “35-Year-Old Girl” (2008), both on Nippon Television Network Corporation. Producer Ohheita, who has worked on all of Yukawa’s works, said, “He has a very cool image, but when it comes to acting, he instantly switches on. There are many actors like that, but she stands out from the crowd.

I was talking with Mr. Yukawa about creating a drama starring this actress someday. Mr. Yukawa also praised Ai Hashimoto, saying, “I can’t help but feel that she is growing faster than we can imagine.

In the first episode of “Synchronized Sakura,” Hashimoto gets into a fight with Sakura (Mitsuki Takahata), the main character, who repeatedly makes comments without reading the situation. Hashimoto’s “snippy” acting and the power of her eyes that seemed to shoot out at her attracted a lot of attention.

However, Hashimoto has evolved even further in this episode.

In episode 8, Fukuta confesses that he cut the brakes on Trako’s bicycle to get her to choose him as a foster parent, causing her to crash. Trako pushes Fukuta and mounts him on a horse and says, ‘Don’t be silly. I’ve given up all this time. No one will ever love me. Was it all your fault? Hashimoto’s performance was very gruesome,” said a production company director.

But then came a further highlight. Trako came to his senses and muttered, “Oh well,” and then, as if realizing what he had done, he said, “Well, you know. I can’t hear anything you say. This one word must have made many people realize once again the depth of the darkness lurking in Trako’s heart.

However, if you recall, in episode 7. Trako, lying in bed, tells us of the deep darkness in his heart.

He gets up from the bed and says, “I have no education, no qualifications, no connections, and no money, so I have no choice but to do this. I have no education, no qualifications, no connections, and no money. I have to live by trusting only in my own head and in the future.

She then told Fukuta, “I’m used to being alone. I’m used to being alone. I’ve been alone at Christmas, New Year’s, birthdays, bullied, caught a cold, had an earthquake, and so on. The inescapable look in Trako’s eyes at this moment was freezing and vacant.

The horrifyingly vacant look he shows after expressing his “anger” may be a new frontier that Hashimoto shows in this film.

Surprisingly, however, Hashimoto has lived a life unrelated to anger.

Hashimoto herself is the type of person who never gets angry at others, and in playing this role, she says, “I usually live my life avoiding the emotion of anger,” so “at first, I had a hard time getting my body to that point easily. He also talked about the difficulty of acting in “anger.

Trako is the complete opposite of Kahoko (Mitsuki Takahata), the heroine of “Kahoko the Protector” (NTV), for which Yukawa wrote the script, who believes in love 100%. Trako has become an “authority figure of anger,” and the only thing that can calm her mind is her mother, who pops up in her mind from time to time.

Will there be a confrontation between Trako, who has turned into a monster, and the ruthless boss who abandoned Trako with a single “I’m sorry”? Along with Ai Hashimoto’s performance, expectations for the final episode will only increase.

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