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Photojournalist Who Continued to Photograph Inside the Unification Church Unveils “Treasured Photographs

Photojournalist Who Continued to Take Photos Inside the Church Unveils His Treasured Photographs: The House of Origin Where the World Christian Association for the Unification of Spirits was Founded in 1954; Inside the Japan-Korea Tunnel and Workers; Joint Wedding Ceremony Participated by People from Around the World, and More

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The total cost of the project is 10 trillion yen and the total length is about 235 km–.

Inside the Japan-Korea Tunnel. The location is Chinsei-cho (now Karatsu City) in Saga Prefecture, facing the Sea of Genkai. The tunnel will connect to Busan in southern South Korea.

Three workers rest their hands. The darkness of the tunnel stretches behind. The photo above, taken in October 1988, shows the interior of the “Japan-Korea Tunnel” promoted by the former Unification Church (now the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification). Photojournalist Kazuhiro Inoue, who took the photo, said.

The three men were not members of the former Unification Church. They were all from the Tohoku region and were involved in the construction of the Seikan Tunnel. They were skilled workers.”

Mr. Inoue is a photographer who has been taking pictures of the inside of the church. We would like to trace the history of the former Unification Church through his treasured photographs.

The Japan-Korea Tunnel is positioned as the starting point of the “International Highway Project” to connect the entire world by highway. The project to connect Japan and South Korea through the tunnel, which is approximately 235 km long, is still ongoing. Former believer and journalist Fumiaki Tada explains the purpose of the project.

The purpose has changed slightly. The plan was proposed by Moon Sun Myung, the founder of the former Unification Church, in November 1981. I think the initial purpose was to raise money; it would cost 50,000 yen to dig 1 mm. I heard that believers were urged to donate 50,000 yen per unit as part of the “1mm Movement. Perhaps, at first, they thought that they could seriously realize the project by collecting donations. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, and about 500 meters were dug.

How an Opposition Candidate Was Elected

However, the total construction cost is said to be 10 trillion yen. Donations alone would not be enough to cover the cost. Mr. Tada continues.

The tunnel is now being used as a means of gaining political access. The South Korean government is particularly enthusiastic. In the mayoral election in Busan last year, a candidate from the opposition party at the time, who pledged to complete the Japan-Korea tunnel, won the election. If they work with the state to complete the tunnel, the international presence of the former Unification Church will become even greater.”

It was in May 1954 that Moon, a native of North Korea, moved to South Korea and founded the World Christian Association for the Unification of Spirits, the predecessor of the old Unification Church, in Seoul. Inside the house where he lived at the time, many documents are on display, including two shots of him and his wife Han Hak-cha (see photo below). From this house, which can be called his “starting point,” Mr. Moon began his missionary activities. Professor Yoshihide Sakurai of the Graduate School of Hokkaido University, who specializes in the sociology of religion, explains why Moon’s teachings spread not only to Korea but also to Japan and other countries around the world.

His disciples were outstanding,” he said. For example, Yoo Hyo-eon, who wrote the “Fundamental Theory,” the scripture of the old Unification Church, graduated from the Seoul National University School of Medicine, and Lee Sang-heon, who compiled the “Theory of Victory and Coexistence,” graduated from Severance Medical University (now Yonsei University). They became the brains behind Moon’s doctrine. This reflected the world situation in the 1960s and was popular among the young people of that time.

The former Unification Church held various events to increase its followers. One of the most famous is the “International Wedding Ceremony,” in which many believers from all over the world participated.

The “International Wedding Ceremony,” which was attended by many believers from all over the world, is a typical example. Children born under the influence of the former Unification Church also continue to give money. Also, the blessing (joint wedding) is a goal for believers. If they are recognized for their evangelism (missionary work) and donations, they can move on to the step of clearing the original sin called the Blessing. It is a stage for a clearing of the guilty.

It is said that money from Japan accounts for 70% of the former Unification Church’s revenue. Behind this, there seems to be a unique manipulation of Japan.

Mr. Moon studied in Japan before the war. He participated in anti-Japanese underground activities and was even tortured by military police. The idea of taking large sums of money from sinful Japan may have been influenced by Mr. Moon’s original experience. The ultimate goal is to unite the world around the teachings of the former Unification Church. I believe that in Japan, he has an ambition to fill the Diet with Diet members who have learned the teachings of the former Unification Church and unite politics and religion as one.”

Inoue’s photographs reveal the ambitions and intentions of the former Unification Church.

A two-shot photo of Moon Myung Moon and his wife Han Hurko displayed in the house they lived in when they first established the cult.
Exterior view of the house where Moon’s family lived at the time of the founding of the church. The former headquarters of the Unification Church in Korea is nearby.
Interior of the house where Moon’s family lived. Candlesticks for prayer and family photos are displayed.
All About International Joint Weddings” published in 1975. The book introduces how wonderful the joint wedding is with photos.
Entrance to the tunnel. Frequent tours are given to believers.

From the September 16, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photographed by Kazuhiro Inoue


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