Celebrating the birth of their second child! Satoshi Tsumabuki & Maiko “2 shots right after marriage” photo | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating the birth of their second child! Satoshi Tsumabuki & Maiko “2 shots right after marriage” photo

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Precious two shots of Tsumabuki and Maiko caught in November 2004, just after their marriage announcement.

[Joon] On a personal note, I am happy to announce the birth of our second child. I am simply filled with gratitude to all of you who have supported us this far and to our irreplaceable child who has come to us safely.

On September 13, actor Satoshi Tsumabuki (41) and actress Maiko (37) jointly announced the birth of their second child, the first good news since their first child was born in August 2007. For privacy reasons, the couple has not announced the child’s gender or date of birth.

The couple began dating when they co-starred in the drama “Keigo Higashino Mysteries: Full of Charade” (Fuji Television), which aired in August 2012. They hit it off at the launch of the show, and after four years of dating, Tsumabuki proposed to her in the spring of 2004.

They announced their marriage in August 2004. Maiko, who has an American father, is said to be enthusiastic about English education. Tsumabuki also finds time during his busy work schedule to help with childcare. They are both serious actors, and their chemistry is perfect for each other.

The first photo above is a rare shot of Tsumabuki and Maiko right after their marriage.

Wife cleans and does laundry, husband cooks and washes dishes.

Tsumabuki and Maiko waving goodbye in front of a cafe bar in November 2004.

The two were caught together after 6 pm in November 2004, three months after they announced their marriage. A one-box car pulled up in front of a fashionable cafe-bar, and Tsumabuki and Maiko got out. I thought they were going to have dinner at the bar, but they waved goodbye in front of the restaurant.

Maiko was extremely busy at the time,” said Mr. Kiichiro. “She was working on the stage production of ‘The Glass Mask’ and Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It. The couple joined the family only after Maiko took a break from her rehearsals. Since the birth of their child, I hear that they have been prioritizing housework and childcare.

Tsumabuki is also very supportive of Maiko. He probably purchased foodstuffs. He was often seen shopping at a high-end supermarket in Tokyo.

A women’s weekly once photographed him buying 10 kg of rice and beer by himself at a nearby supermarket. The division of household chores seems to be a couple’s decision, with Maiko in charge of cleaning and laundry and Tsumabuki doing the cooking and washing dishes.

With the addition of a family, Tsumabuki and Maiko will have more and more to do. But for the two of them, it must be a happy busy time.

Tsumabuki was quite conspicuous in his flashy patterned pants and shirt, taken in September 19
Maiko shopping at a convenience store in August 2002, before her marriage, while being quite wary of her surroundings.
Tsumabuki operating his cell phone. He may have been trying to contact his pregnant wife, Maiko, who was waiting at home.
Satoshi Tsumabuki walking to his car with what appears to be a gift in his hand, photographed in June 2007.
  • Photographed by Masaaki Saito Shu Nishihara Ippei Hara

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