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Scum comedian Yoichi Okano says, “You shouldn’t listen to people properly

Yoichi Okano, a former "maestro" who made it to the finals of "King of Contest 2022" with Yoshizumi in their impromptu duo "The Best Humans," has some "golden words" for those who are having a hard time living.

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Okano, a rare comedian who has reached the finals of the King of Conte twice in the past and also reached the finals of the “R-1 Grand Prix 2019” with the comedy duo “Daisho

The 10 finalists for “King of Contest 2022” (TBS), to be broadcast on October 8, have been announced, and the impromptu duo “The Best Humans,” consisting of Yoichi Okano (40), a former “maestro” pin comedian, and Yoshizumi (32), was selected. Even though they are an impromptu duo, they are highly regarded as contortionists and are already being called the favorites to win the competition. Yoshizumi said through the organizers.

When Okano-san had stopped doing his material after getting involved in the bum business, someone from his office said to me, ‘Okano-san only has King of Conte, so if you want, why don’t you form a unit and perform together with him?

I invited him to join me,” he commented. Indeed, Okano’s title as a “bum comedian” seems to have taken root. Okano, Suzuki Mogura (35) of KUKI KAIDAN, Takashi Sakai (31) of THE MUMMY, and Hiroshi Yamazoe (37) of Aiseki-Start are known as the “four scum comedians,” and Okano’s passion for pachinko, in particular, is tremendous. Okano’s debt of 12 million yen is the largest among the four. Okano, too, was very excited about his participation in the finals, saying, “Yoshizumi has been asking me to play with him.

Yoshizumi has been asking me to join him for a long time! He is the best human being!

In fact, Okano himself is not happy or sad about this result, but is taking it quite calmly.

In fact, Okano himself must be taking this result calmly and not with joy or sadness. The words that came out of Okano’s mouth were filled with his thoughts on the “King of Conte” and his “love” for those who are feeling the difficulties of life in this day and age. Here are some of his words.

It is better not to listen to people properly.

Recently, I have been particularly concerned about slander on social networking sites. I know that the celebrities who have become the target of such slander are very hurt. But you don’t know who is saying those things, so you don’t need to worry about it. Well, it is such a difficult world to live in now, and everyone is occupied with themselves. So, you shouldn’t listen to people properly.

In education, children are told to “listen to others properly,” but those who say this are just saying what they want to say. The child who is being told what to say does not want to hear it, so he or she does not listen to it. If that is the case, then you don’t have to listen to them.

It’s not about what was preached. It’s not about what was preached, but who preached it to you.

What people preach to you is usually very similar. And, in most cases, they don’t resonate with me. In my case, no matter what anyone says to me about my material, it doesn’t resonate, but when Satoru Iizuka (49) of “Tokyo03” says it, it resonates. Everyone tells me to stop gambling, but when Daigo (42) from Chidori tells me, I think, “I see. I haven’t stopped (laughs).

So it’s not about the content. People are moved by who preaches to them. When I think about it, I realize that it is really difficult to convey something to people. Even if I have something I want to say to people, if I say it, it won’t resonate with them. In the first place, it is unrealistic to try to change someone by preaching to them.

On this day, Okano showed up at the office five minutes before the appointment and expressed his relief, saying, “I wouldn’t be late if I had to work after noon!

Nemoto, people don’t understand each other.

I’m 40 years old and I still can’t get up in the morning. That’s the lowest common denominator, isn’t it? But if you ask me, I have a strong will that says, “I can’t get up. People who can get up and I are of different races. That’s all. Of course, it is better to be able to get up. But there are many people who can’t get up. Does that make them scum? No, of course not. It just means they can’t get up.

People are called “human beings” all together, but there are so many different kinds of human beings. They may look the same, but there are different kinds. To begin with, there are different kinds of human beings, and you have to understand that “fundamentally, human beings don’t understand each other. Then you won’t be angry with them, saying, “They are different kinds.

You can be lenient with yourself.

If you want, people who can get up in the morning are more demanding of others. That’s like saying, “I can get up, why can’t you? I’m pushing myself too hard. Because you are hard on yourself, you become hard on others. So I want to be kind to myself.

If I were a serious person who could look at myself from a bird’s eye view, I would have killed myself. I became this kind of person as a result of being kind to myself in order not to do so. In short, I am just being easy on myself, but it is okay to be easy on yourself.

Everyone is so full of themselves. Who is the person who is kindest to me? If you think about it, it would be your parents or yourself. But your parents will die before you do. So you are the only one who can be kind to yourself. By the way, people who can be kind to themselves can be kind to others.

You were not born to win.

Some people say, “If you are too kind to yourself, you won’t win in life.” When you are working, you tend to think in terms of winning or losing, but were you born to win in life? No, you weren’t.

Think back to your childhood. Those days when you played and had fun and thought, “I hope this day will go on like this tomorrow. There was no child who wanted to work, was there?

Fathers who think work is hard, try quitting your job and getting a divorce right away. Your life will change drastically. There is such a choice in life. You just think there isn’t.

There is nothing you have to do.

If you don’t enjoy your job, just quit. I think you should realize that the words “I have to work” are just something you make up on your own. When I had a drink with a toothless uncle a long time ago, he said to me, “There are things you shouldn’t do in life.

There are things you are not supposed to do in life, but there is nothing you are supposed to do.

It’s like moving from one pachinko table to another. If you put 50,000 yen into one pachinko machine, you think, “This is my machine. But there is no such thing as your own table in a pachinko parlor. But if someone else sits at the table and the ball comes out, it makes you angry, doesn’t it? Have you ever heard of the “Concorde Effect? It means that even if you know that continuing to invest will lead to a loss, you cannot stop investing because you are unwilling to spare the effort, money, and time that you have spent up to that point. It’s the same thing.

If you don’t get out, just move the table. If you are dissatisfied with the company and don’t enjoy your daily life, simply quit. You can change jobs. You are not going to die.

All human beings are wrong!

I believe that everyone alive, including myself, is mistaken. Even the prime minister is told, “You are making a mistake! So I know that all of us are wrong. So it is better to know that everyone is wrong. If you think you are the only one who is wrong, you will become a mean person, and if you think you are the only one who is right, you will become arrogant and strange. That’s why you should know that you are wrong.

“I am wrong, but I have to express my opinion, so I will do so.

If everyone could live their lives with this stance, I think the world would be a more peaceful place.

When the subject of pachinko comes up, a look of bliss comes over his face, and his right hand turns the table on its own.

People are just pieces of meat.

The important thing is not to expect too much of anything. I wanted to play pachinko every day, so when I went to the pachinko parlor with high expectations, it didn’t keep me going. I would go to the pachinko parlor expecting to win, but I couldn’t. Every day I would have this mentality. But it didn’t work out.” If I do this every day, I can’t maintain my mentality. So I would go to the pachinko parlor thinking, “I’m going to lose 30,000 today anyway. If I lose 20,000, I think, “I won 10,000. It is the same with people. You think, “He’s a good person, he’ll do this for me,” and you are shocked when he doesn’t. People are all just lumps of meat. People are all just lumps of meat. So there is no point in having expectations. It would be easier if you could think that way.

You’ll be lucky to lose, and you’ll be lucky to live your life.

As a matter of fact, this evening, the results of the quarterfinals of “King of Conte” were announced (August 19. The result was a pass. I’ve been selected for the semi-finals). I don’t think anything about whether I will be accepted or not, because it’s the judges’ criteria. I just feel lucky if I get accepted. I don’t think everyone else is like that. I know you are always aiming for the top, but for me, it’s impossible.

This is not a negative attitude. It’s the opposite. It’s positive. Do you know? The probability of hitting a pachinko ball is 1 out of every 370 balls. But you still keep going to the pachinko parlor, how positive is that! Even if there was a pachinko table with this 1 in 1, no one would sit down. …… No, they would sit down.

Anyway, if you lose 30,000 pachinko and think, “This sucks. I want to die.” Or, “I only lost 30,000. I’m happy. In your long life, you are bound to lose. Whether or not you feel lucky when you lose makes all the difference in your life.

Even if you lose in the King of Conte, you still get to be in the draw for the jury next year! You get that right. I couldn’t be happier. If you win, you can’t get in the lottery anymore. ….. But, well, that makes me happier.

How was it? Whether you could relate or not, I hope you will observe Okano’s performance in “King of Conte 2022”. I can assure you that you will enjoy it in a different way.

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