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A “single professional” teaches simple ways to get through a tough night alone.

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With the spread of the Internet and the flow of information, there are now more and more options available to us. People’s preferences and lifestyles have become more diverse, and what used to be “the norm” is no longer the case.

However, don’t you feel that the world’s understanding of “being single” has not yet advanced?

Amidst such a situation, a comic book, “I’m a Single Professional When I Realize I’m Single,” has become a topic of conversation. This essay manga depicts the single life of the author, Ms. Miwa Kamata. The manga depicts the charms of being single, life hacks, how to cope with depression, etc., from her unique perspective, “You can live so richly even if you are single! and how to cope with depression.

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On the other hand, it is nice to live a free life as a single person, but there is a worry that you may feel the pain more than others when you are depressed. If you have a partner, you can share and clear your mind, but if you are alone, you can continue to worry and be bothered ……. Some people may even resort to the forbidden practice of “contacting an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.”

Needless to say, that is counterproductive. If you do that, you will either end up resurrecting a weird relationship, or you will end up depressed because of the lack of response at all.

Dr. Kamata, a “singles professional,” asserts that the best remedy for such a situation is sleep.

If you are having a hard time for a reason (e.g., you had a hard time at work), I think it is better to approach the cause directly. In other words, analyze why you are in such a difficult situation. If you look at the situation calmly and see the reason, you may find that the blurred feeling is resolved in no time.

However, if you think about it in a depressed state in the middle of the night, it will 100% go in the wrong direction, so it is better to get your body ready for sleep first and leave thinking about it for the next day. Then, I can think of constructive ways to do things that I couldn’t have come up with the night before. The power of sleep is a wonder.

It seems that the professor has realized firsthand that by paying attention to the time of day when he sleeps, he can “get his mind in order” (especially in his brain). He often mentions “going to bed early and getting up early” as a health method, and it surely makes sense not only in a moral sense, but also in terms of mental structure.

However, there are cases where it is not possible to go to bed early and get up early due to night shifts and the like. In such cases, the professor also suggested other ways to solve the problem from the viewpoint of “how to think when things are hard.

When things are hard for reasons beyond our control (separation from a loved one, for example), I think people should share more and more if sharing with others makes it easier for them. ‘ As a ‘single’ person, it is natural to be asked the question, “What about being alone during hard times?” But it is important to connect with others when you are single. You don’t have to be alone in hard times.

I have been saying that, but I myself am too socially inept, so this is something I am trying to improve on…. What I want to tell people who are not good at sharing and want to manage on their own is “time pills are really very effective, and the older you get, the more you realize it” and “you can’t do anything about other people, so just do what you can do”.

The other thing is, “If you really feel like you are in trouble, it is best to turn to a professional. If you have symptoms such as continuous sleeplessness, lack of taste in food, or the fact that nothing you used to enjoy seems enjoyable anymore, don’t hesitate to go to a hospital.”

Even if you are single, it is important to have friends and relationships that will be your allies during hard times. It is reassuring to have someone to lean on at times while maintaining a comfortable distance. It is also important to understand the subtleties of one’s own mind, and to have the ability to be able to handle oneself “when something goes wrong”.

In the manga, it is mentioned that the key to a “bright brain” is to “go to bed at 23:00 at the latest,” but it is sometimes difficult to make it a habit if you are not accustomed to going to bed early. To help with this, he says that he has devised the following tips.

He says, “I make a reward for doing this if I can do it on time. (If you can go to bed at 23:00, you can do this tomorrow. If you go to bed at 23:00, you can do this or eat this tomorrow, etc…)

Send a line to your friends saying, “What time will you go to bed today? ) ・Declare to others, for example, by sending a LINE to a friend, “I’m going to sleep at what time today!

Make a list of things to do before going to bed and set an alarm. (I’m not going to take a bath…) …etc. (This is effective for people who linger in the bathtub or keep looking at Twitter, etc. because they are too lazy to take a bath.)

Always be aware of the benefits of going to bed early. (“ (Instead of “I have to go to bed at 23:00,” always be aware of positive benefits such as “If I go to bed at 23:00, my brain will be brighter than I have felt in the past six months! ) It is important that it is a positive benefit such as

It’s not that you are alone that makes it tough, it’s that you are alone that makes it tough, and there are ways to overcome the toughness …… Kamata’s story will help you to think about your own ways of “overcoming the toughness”.

You can see his picture diary and his daily musings! Click here for Dr. Kamata’s Twitter.

To purchase the manga “I’m a Single Professional When I Realize It,” click here.

You can also read a sample of the manga “I’m a single professional when I realize I’m single.

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