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Sakamoto of the Giants Refuse to Use Contraceptives and His other Bad Habits Toward Women

In June of this year, it was reported that he paid a settlement of 5.5 million yen for violence against a woman, and on September 10, "Bunshun Online" reported that he had sexually assaulted a woman. The magazine has seen a different picture of Hayato Sakamoto so far...

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Sakamoto eats at a ramen restaurant in Ebisu on March 11, 2014. At the time, Sakamoto was in the midst of a love affair with Rie Tanaka and seemed to be holding off on his nightlife, but…

Giant Hayato Sakamoto’s problems with women are attracting attention among fans.

According to an article in Bunshun Online published on September 10, Sakamoto has had ongoing physical relations with a woman in her 20s whom he met more than two years ago, demanding extreme play and frequent sexual intercourse without contraceptives. He not only recommended the use of the after-pill, but also repeatedly bargained down the cost of the after-pill that he had given her. When he was told that she was pregnant, he would say, “If you want to get her pregnant, you’d better get her pregnant as soon as possible, wouldn’t you?”

This is not the first time Sakamoto has been accused by a woman with whom he had a physical relationship or by someone related to him. “FRIDAY” has reported Sakamoto’s problems with women many times in the past.

The first report came in August 2009, when he was just 20 years old.

A melancholy love affair with a top model three years his senior.

In August 2009, Sakamoto’s first hot love scoop. Basically, he seems to have a preference for flashy, beautiful women with beautiful eyes and noses.

In his third season as the Giants’ steadfast leadoff man, Sakamoto was infatuated with Satomi (23), a model for the women’s magazine “With.” The two met through an interview in “With,” and their relationship began when Satomi gave him her cell phone number. Only a month and a half later, Sakamoto was seen traveling from his home in Kawasaki, where he lives in the Giants’ bachelor dormitory, to Satomi’s apartment in central Tokyo in his favorite car, a Skyline GT-R.

On the evening of that day, the two came out of Satomi’s apartment, were wary of their surroundings, walked a short distance away, and took a cab to a pork shabu-shabu restaurant in Roppongi. Later, after finishing their meal, they came out, walked closely together in the dark, and took a cab back to their apartment.

After the final round of the pennant, they went to Roppongi and took home two beautiful women!

On October 8, 2013, the final day of the pennant, he went out to Roppongi at night, got into a cab with two beautiful women, and went to a love hotel in Dogenzaka.

On October 8, the Yomiuri Giants, the league champions in 2013, celebrated their final victory of the pennant by winning the final game of the season. After 11 p.m. that night, Sakamoto went to one of the most exclusive clubs in Roppongi (Minato Ward).

Shortly after 2:00 a.m., Sakamoto emerged from the club shoulder to shoulder with a beautiful hostess and did whatever he pleased, including putting his hands around her waist and kissing her. When a cab arrived to pick them up, he dragged the woman, who was standing to see him off, into the cab as well. The destination was a love hotel district in Dogenzaka (Shibuya Ward).

A month before the photo above, Sakamoto appeared at a rental video store in Daikanyama with another beautiful woman. After this, they took a cab to Sakamoto’s home.

In fact, about a month before this, he had appeared at a rental video store in Daikanyama (Shibuya Ward) with a beautiful model-like woman resembling Yumi Adachi. Of course, she was a different person from the two beauties in Roppongi mentioned above. After renting a few DVDs, they picked up a cab and returned to Sakamoto’s apartment.

Serious love between the most popular guy in the baseball world and a gymnastics fairy

In March 2002, we reported on the passionate love between Sakamoto, the most popular guy in the baseball world, and Rie Tanaka, a gymnastics fairy who regrettably retired from the sport at the end of 2001. The two met in the fall of 2001 and hit it off immediately. Since then, Sakamoto’s nightlife has not been witnessed at all, and it was said among those in the know that they would get married off and on in 2002, but they broke up in the fall of that year. It was reported that the reason for the breakup was a discrepancy in their views on marriage, but in fact, it was Sakamoto’s constant “womanizing” that was the reason. It was not until exactly one year later that we learned of this.

Tall cabaret girl brought to camp quarters…

“She suddenly took off my clothes and made me suck her dick, saying, ‘Hurry up and nuzzle me. She had a sweet mask, but she was a bit of an orahora. When I asked him to ‘please let me out,’ he replied in an irritated voice, ‘Of course! When I asked him to let me out, he replied in an irritated voice, “Of course!

In February 2015, a cabaret club girl in Miyazaki City, where the Giants’ training camp is located, confessed to “FRIDAY” that she was summoned to a hotel in February 2014 by Sakamoto, who had come to her bar for drinks, and was forced to perform the above sexual act without contraceptives. She confessed that she had been forced to have sexual intercourse without contraceptives as described above. When she finished, Sakamoto offered her 50,000 yen for “cab fare. This period coincided with the height of her relationship with Tanaka.

On February 4, 2015, Sakamoto called her again, and she again confessed that she had been forced to engage in sexual intercourse without contraceptives.

In February 2018, Sakamoto was reported in “Daily Shincho” to have paid 5.5 million yen to a woman he was serving after she injured herself at a cabaret club in Miyazaki City. Sakamoto took offense to this and bit the woman on the shoulder and thigh. There are too many stories of this kind about Sakamoto to enumerate, so reading the article in Bunshun Online is not at all surprising. For Sakamoto, women are probably just an outlet for his sexuality.

The Yomiuri Giants are still avoiding specifics about Sakamoto’s treatment and continue to send him to games, but do they intend to let him go through with this?

In March 2006, just after midnight, Sakamoto came out of a cabaret club accompanied by a beautiful woman. After this, they disappeared into the night.
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