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Gaasyy with 2 Billion Yen a Year Income From Business Now in Agony of Sharp Decline in His Influence

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Mr. Gaasyy has gone from an exposing YouTube star to a member of the House of Councillors. He earns a huge amount of money by opening an expensive online salon (from his YouTube channel).

Although he calls himself “Izo Okada of Reiwa”,

NHK Party’s GASYLE is raking in the cash by launching a paid online salon “GASYLE” on Instagram Stories on September 6. “GASYLE,” a paid online salon, has nearly 40,000 members. The salon was launched in August and has been paid for at 3,980 yen per month since September.

“We are inundated daily with inquiries about new membership applications.”

However, the company has stopped accepting applications at this time.

We may resume accepting applications when the time is right, while we continue to strengthen our servers and verify that there are no bugs in each operation.

The company also announced that “we may resume recruiting at a later date. The company has developed a new server, so it has to pay for operating costs and bug inspections, but at 3,980 yen x 40,000 users, the monthly revenue is 160 million yen per month.

In addition, his book, “Shitsunaba mo moro toko” (Death is the Only Way) (Gentosha), released last month, is also selling well, and royalties are likely to reach tens of millions of yen. In addition, as a member of the National Diet, he receives 2.29 million yen per month, including 1 million yen for research, public relations, and accommodation expenses (former expenses for document communication, transportation, and accommodation) and annual expenses, plus an annual bonus of approximately 6 million yen.

If expenses are not included in the calculation, annual sales of 2 billion yen is very possible. With this amount, he should be able to pay off his gambling debts of 300 million yen in no time at all.

However, Gaayy’s main goal was not to make money at first, but rather to “revolutionize” the world by exposing a huge evil as a dark hero. Last month, Atsusuke Minowa, the editor of the above-mentioned book, set up a meeting with Mr. Hayao Onkita, the policy chief of The Japan Innovation Party, in which he expressed his sympathy for Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi, a member of the House of Representatives.

He said, “He looks handsome, so I hope he will take the lead. If he could take the stance of saying in a loud voice, ‘I don’t listen to you,’ it would be a revolution. If he becomes Sakamoto Ryoma, I will become Okada Yizo and slash and dash behind the scenes.”

I would be like Yuzo Okada and slash and dice him behind the scenes.

However, while he now has a huge income, he does not have the same ability to spread his stories. The banning of YouTube, which had been his main battleground, was a major factor, but there may be other factors as well.

“Gaasyy’s fame was due in large part to the fact that the existing media outlets all picked up and reported on his exposés. However, now that it has switched to a paid salon, it is no longer possible to report its contents. This is because there is money involved.”

“Gaasyy has been posting some of what was exposed in the paid salon on his free Instagram, but that is only a small part of it,” said a sports newspaper reporter.


“Even if a bombshell were to be dropped, the current state of the media makes it unlikely that the country would act. More to the point, Gaasyy has gone from a popular YouTube star with 2 million channel subscribers to a salon owner with 40,000 members. His YouTube videos had 2 million views.”

“From that destructive power, Gaasyy’s current transmission power is less than one-tenth. It is a good business decision because it has a strong fan base, but that is also the reason why we no longer see the same propagation power as in the past. Entertainment production companies and the political world don’t seem to care about it anymore,” a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show

A person involved in a wide-show industry said, “The business is not so good anymore.” Fans wonder if he will ever regain the impact he had when he suddenly appeared on YouTube in February of this year.

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