Masahiro Sasaki and Wife Kanako Enomoto Caught in a Date Night at Roppongi | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masahiro Sasaki and Wife Kanako Enomoto Caught in a Date Night at Roppongi

17th wedding anniversary! The couple, who look just the same as they did in their working days, were spotted in Roppongi. Their appearance in the drama "Old Rookie" is the talk of the town.

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The two caught on cam strolling through “LOUIS VUITTON” and other luxury brands in Roppongi Hills. 

Although the sun had set, the temperature on Keyakizaka in Roppongi Hills, which had received plenty of sun during the day, had not cooled at all. A large man with a frown on his face was walking in the middle of the hill. He was former Major League Baseball player Masahiro Sasaki, 54. Next to him, a beautiful, slender woman who was walking coolly. This is Mrs. Kanako Enomoto, 41.  Surprisingly, she has kept her good looks and slender body.

She have this awe-inspiring looks with the Daimajin, while Sasaki really looks like he is in pain took off his mask in the middle of the hill. He seemed to be having difficulty breathing from wearing the mask in the intense heat. Enomoto smiled and held out a towel to her husband, who was fighting infection.

“Sasaki, who owns several G1 horses and enjoys fishing and fighting giant fish, is the envy of young people who yearn for FIRE (Financial Independence & Early Retirement). He appeared in the drama “Old Rookie” (TBS) as the owner of a restaurant called “Meat Daimajin.” Although he was set up as a former athlete, his businessman side was emphasized. I think this reflects the public’s view of Mr. Sasaki.”

“In recent years, his stock has risen further when it was discovered that he not only served as a witness of mercy for Kazuhiro Kiyohara (55), but also helped him financially. His wife, Kanako, has also been steadily increasing the number of branches of the soup curry restaurant she manages. It is ideal for a married couple to see each of them being successful at what they love to do: being a horse owner and running a restaurant,” says writer Kumao Oyama.

On top of all that, hey have the beautiful and dashing looks that we saw at the beginning of this article. It is safe to say that this is one of the best “batteries” in recent years.

Sasaki and his wife, Kanako Enomoto, taking a lovely stroll together.
Unpublished shots of Sasaki and his wife, Kanako Enomoto.
Unpublished photo of Nobuhiro Sasaki taking a lovey-dovey walk with his wife Kanako Enomoto

From the September 16, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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