“I’m drunk! I got drunk! I laughed!” Happening scenes of that celebrity drinking | FRIDAY DIGITAL

“I’m drunk! I got drunk! I laughed!” Happening scenes of that celebrity drinking

A rare sight you'll never see in the Corona disaster: FRIDAY's rare and confusing scenes

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Tsubasa Honda
Dec. 30, ’16 issue

In ’16, Tsubasa Honda (24) attended the launch of the hit drama “Jimi ni Sugoi! School Review Girl Etsuko Kono’. Honda (24 at the time) attended the launch of the hit drama “Jimi ni Goi!

The state of emergency has finally been lifted, and life has returned to the city, if only for a little while. However, I am not in the mood to make a big deal out of it. This magazine has captured many images of celebrities drinking, laughing, and enjoying themselves. Here is a collection of rare images that you will never see at the Corona disaster!

“Bare expressions.

Singer Genshi Yonezu’s (30) drunken birthday party and Tsubasa Honda’s (29) daring appearance at the launch of a TV drama in casual clothes are rare shots of two people who are known to be reluctant to go out.

Junichi Ishida (67), a disturbed actor, showed one of the most confusing scenes. For some reason, he was sleeping with a beautiful office worker on the street late at night. Ishida explained to this magazine, “On my way home from a drink, a woman got drunk and fell asleep on the street, and when I was helping her, I fell asleep too (laughs).

There were also rare scenes such as Ryoko Hirosue (41 ) staggering around the love hotel district in Shibuya and Hinano Yoshikawa (41 ) lying on the street in the early morning in Roppongi.

I wish we could have scenes like this again, but ……, be careful not to drink too much.

Genji Yonezu
April 12, ’19

Yonezu’s (then 28) birthday party was held in Minami Aoyama (Minato-ku). The party was attended by a number of gorgeous members, including actor Shota Matsuda (then 33), Yu Shirota (then 33), and Fukase (then 33) of SEKAI NO OWARI. Yonezu left the venue at 4:00 in the morning, drunk.

Hinano Yoshikawa
September 29, ’00 issue

Yoshikawa (20 at the time) spent the early hours of the morning with her then boyfriend at a club in Azabu Juban (Minato-ku). She was so drunk that she climbed on the roof of her car and suddenly fell asleep on the street, screaming “caw!
Drunkenly, Hinano suddenly lies down on the street.

Junichi Ishida
October 10, 2008 issue

The incident took place on a street in Ebisu in a light rain. Ishida (54 at the time) was asleep with a beautiful woman. Apparently, he had fallen asleep while taking care of a drunken woman. According to Ishida, the woman was a 26-year-old office worker. As expected of a playboy.

June 4, ’04 issue

ISSA (25 at the time) was living with Yu Abiru (17 at the time), but was having a two-way relationship with another celebrity. After drinking too much, ISSA would fall asleep on the street for over an hour, and the women would look annoyed.

Yoko Maki
July 17, ’15 issue

On the street in Mishuku, Maki (32 at the time) was kicking the buttocks of a man in her business with “ei ♡” on her way home from a drinking party. Maki had been playing many action-packed roles since then. Her kicks were just as good.

Sayuri Kokyu
August 1, 2008 issue

“If I had boobs, I’d take them off.” “No one will touch me,” complained Sayuri Kunio, then 41, with a glass of red wine in her hand. Next to her were two dandy males. It was an adult, high-tension night.

From FRIDAY October 1, 2021issue

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