Yu-chami thanks you so much! Thank you to everyone who came to Shibuya! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yu-chami thanks you so much! Thank you to everyone who came to Shibuya!

Behind the scenes at the event to celebrate the release of Yu-chami's photo book "Yuna

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In the waiting room just before the press conference

No. 1 breakout talent for the first half of 2022! Yu-Chami, aka “Reiwa’s white gal” who has been appearing on variety shows every day, released her first photo book “Yuuna” on September 8, her 21st birthday.

We checked out the contents of the photo book again and were proud of it!

Two days later, on Saturday, September 10, this magazine caught up with her at the launch event held at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA. As soon as she arrived at the venue, she asked

I wonder if any fans will show up…” she said.

However, when the doors opened, the event was a huge success with more than 400 fans in attendance.

She cheerfully communicated with each and every one of them, making them all smile.

She showed her gal power.

On the 17th, events will be held at Umeda Tsutaya and Hoshino Shoten’s Kintetsu Passé store.

Osaka and Nagoya! Look forward to it, everyone!”

Reservations are still being accepted. For more information, please visit the bookstores’ websites.

Event information

Umeda Tsutaya

Event] Yu-chami’s photo book “Yuna” release commemoration event, photo book handing event (tsite.jp)

◆Hoshino Shoten, Kintetsu Passé Store

Yu-chami’s photo book “Yuna” release commemoration event (hoshinoshoten.jp)

  • Photographed by Kazuhiko Nakamura

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