Crystal Noda’s loving cohabitation with a beautiful trimmer who looks like Erika Toda | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Crystal Noda’s loving cohabitation with a beautiful trimmer who looks like Erika Toda

Scoop! Crystal Noda, a stoic and solitary comedian, is a completely different person in front of her boyfriend, who has been with her for seven years, and who professes, "I hope we can be together forever!

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In late August, the two leave a hormone-yaki restaurant and walk downtown. Her finger pointed to a second izakaya. They enjoyed drinking at each one.

She said, “I hope we can have a lot of monyu monyu in the future and stay together forever.”

In April this year, Crystal Noda (35) of “Magical Lovely” was asked to give a message to her boyfriend on a variety show, and she shyly spoke in her own unique way. Noda is a very successful comedian who has won two major comedy titles, “M-1 Grand Prix” and “R-1 Grand Prix,” and produces his own games and gym. But in his private life, Noda is a very stoic person. After work, he goes to the gym before going home, a routine that has earned him the nickname “the lone comedy warrior.

The magazine caught up with Noda and his rumored girlfriend, who is often teased on TV and radio, after 8 p.m. in late August, just as the evening breeze was beginning to show signs of autumn. Noda, wearing a bucket hat, and a woman resembling Erika Toda but with a clean-cut short cut, were sitting side by side in a horumonyaki restaurant in Tokyo.

They chatted, looked at their phones, and enjoyed their horumon-yaki in a leisurely manner. After an hour or so, they paid their bill and headed out. After a short walk, she pointed straight ahead. There it was, an izakaya. Noda nodded her head with a dazed look in her eyes, perhaps because she was drunk.

According to his own statements on TV, he calls her “XX-yan” and himself “Hikawan” (his real name is Hikaru), and he is in love with her. On this day, Hikawan was smiling all the time in front of her.

After about 30 minutes, they left the izakaya. Noda, who says he is weak on alcohol, was a little unsteady on his feet, moving away from his girlfriend and sticking close to her. She laughed out loud at his movements. Eventually, perhaps no longer concerned about the eyes of those around him, Noda intertwined his fingers with hers and went to a convenience store. After shopping, they returned to the apartment where they lived together, hand in hand.

What kind of a person is she that makes the “lone comedy warrior” so dewy-eyed?

She is a trimmer who works at a pet salon. She is two years younger than Mr. Noda and we have been dating for about seven years. She is two years younger than Noda, and they have been dating for about seven years. Noda also loves animals, including his pet hamster, so they may have hit it off.

In July of this year, his partner Murakami (37) announced her marriage. When asked about his own marriage, Noda assured the audience, “I have no plans to get married! I have no plans! In late August, we interviewed Noda directly.

–Is your relationship going well?

Yes, it is going well.

–Since your girlfriend’s birthday is coming up soon, do you think you might use it as an opportunity to get married?

I see. We haven’t yet.

–I understand that you two went to Miyakojima Island recently.

Was it a summer vacation? I might tell you about that somewhere else, too.”

A year ago, Noda said on his late-night radio show that marriage might be difficult for him because he acts selfishly. Even so, I think he would feel at home with a girlfriend, and they would make a good “pair” in their private life.

The two entered a popular, reasonably priced horumon-yaki restaurant. Noda was mumbling, as if he couldn’t chew through his food.
Noda is tall and macho, while she is slender and petite. The two held hands the entire time they were paying the bill at the convenience store.
Noda, wearing the same clothes he wore on their horumonyaki date, was interviewed in person. She is not interested in fashion, and most of her clothes were given to her by her fans.

From the September 16, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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