Breaking into an elementary school and sniffing the upper shoes… 26-year-old man “amazing crime”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Breaking into an elementary school and sniffing the upper shoes… 26-year-old man “amazing crime”.

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Suspect Ito to be sent to the police station. Other stolen items were found at his home.

A man came to an elementary school at dawn to steal something unexpected.

On September 7, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Motoki Ito, 26, on suspicion of theft and breaking and entering. Ito is suspected of breaking into an elementary school in July 2022 and stealing an 8-year-old girl’s school shoes.

The suspect broke into an elementary school in Katsushika Ward (Tokyo) early in the morning around 5:30 a.m., went to the shoe box, and rummaged through the shoes to check the students’ name tags. He was even caught on security camera sniffing the shoes. While underwear and gym clothes are often stolen, stealing only upper shoes is a rare case. Ito’s jacket was also confiscated from his home, and the Metropolitan Police Department is continuing to carefully investigate the other crimes.

(A reporter from a national newspaper) “The surveillance camera also caught him making a gesture as if he was checking the name on the shoe box. From that point of view, it is believed to be a premeditated crime.

The suspect, Ito, also showed a certain composure that one would not expect from a first-time offender, as he sniffed and ransacked the jacket box. Mr. Shuji Suzuki, a lawyer who specializes in obscenity cases, commented, “The jacket was found on a flea market app.

Some of them are priced at over 10,000 yen and are sold at over 10,000 yen. Some of them are sold for more than 10,000 yen. The fact that he went to the trouble of sniffing and stealing them this time suggests that he did not intend to resell them, but rather for his own sexual pleasure. The cost of the jacket shoes is not high. It is rare to be arrested for theft of such inexpensive items. Because of the sexual aspect of the crime, I believe the police are taking it more seriously than the average shoplifter and are making the arrest.”

What will be the punishment? What will be the punishment?

At this point, there is only one pair of slippers and only one child as a victim, so if a settlement can be reached, there is a possibility that the case will not be prosecuted. However, if there are many more charges, he will be fined or at worst suspended. Depending on the maliciousness of the crime, a trial could result in a year or two in prison and probation. Whether the case goes to trial depends on the number of extra charges. The more extra crimes you have, the more likely you will be suspected of being habitual and the more likely you will receive a severe punishment. The focus will also be on the extent to which breaking into an elementary school is seen as malicious. This time, the suspect Ito broke into the school when no one was around, so he had a good sense of planning. There is no doubt that the punishment will be heavier than if he had committed the crime suddenly.

The suspect has admitted to the charges, but we should not underestimate the fact that he only stole a pair of slippers. A thorough investigation is required to prevent recidivism.

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