A 20-year-old Keio University student stabbed his own father to death… Family murder: “A shuddering motive | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 20-year-old Keio University student stabbed his own father to death… Family murder: “A shuddering motive

Nonfiction writer Kota Ishii delves into the depths of Japanese society!

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Did the Keio University student, who had led a smooth life, feel great despair at her first setback (Photo: Image) (Image: Naho Yoshizawa/Afro)

Keio University students were, and still are, associated with the image of the so-called “elite lad. This is especially true for students who go up the escalator system from the university’s attached school.

In 2006, an elite university student stabbed his father to death in his home.

He was a 20-year-old college student who was active in a dance club and was aiming to become a certified public accountant. He was well-liked, and after the incident, he received more than 50 petitions from friends and relatives asking for a reduced sentence.

What happened to him? What happened to him was deeply related to the mental illness he was suffering from.

Shigeyuki Kariya (20 years old at the time of the incident. He was born in 1997 and grew up as the oldest son. He was born in 1997, and had a younger brother who was three years younger than him.

His father, Masamune (age 58), was an elite graduate of Keio University who later started his own business and seemed to be more passionate about his work than others. Although he was very busy, he loved Shigeyuki very much, as he was his first son born in his late thirties.

One of Masamune’s faults was his bad drinking habit. According to his wife’s account at the trial, when he was under stress, he often lashed out inside the house and clashed with his family.

Nevertheless, Naruyuki got along well with his friends outside the house. In the opinion of his friends, he was “fast-paced, but cheerful and thoughtful,” and “a popular guy who could make a joke out of himself in front of everyone. He was also good with people.

Naruyuki started studying for the junior high school entrance exam in earnest in the upper grades of elementary school. Masamune helped him by making time to teach him and take him to and from the cram school. His efforts paid off, and he was accepted into the difficult Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior High School. Masamune, who was a graduate of Keio University, was overjoyed at his success.

Karate at School and English Conversation Outside

After entering junior high school, Shigeyuki led a student life that was a picture of both literary and military arts. At school, he was a member of the karate club and practiced hard, while outside of school, he eagerly attended English conversation classes. He was also interested in fashion, kept his room clean, and took care to be fashionable when meeting people. She was also very protective of her younger brother, giving him gifts on his birthday.

However, as she entered adolescence, she began to have conflicts with her father, Masamune. At that time, due to the stress of starting his own business and unstable income, Masamune often drank and swore at his family. Naruyuki rebelled against his father.

His mother told the trial court the following.

“In high school, my husband and Naruyuki often clashed. When he was drunk, he would say to his children, ‘Who do you think you’re eating thanks to?’ or ‘If you don’t listen to me, I won’t pay your tuition. He was a man who didn’t tolerate dissent, so when Shigeyuki would argue back, he would sometimes grab him by the chest and yell at him.

Once, when his mother intervened in a fight, she was punched in the face. When her mother intervened in a fight, she was punched in the face. She may have had a tendency to forget herself when she was drunk.

Their relationship changed when Shigeyuki was in his second year of high school. Naruyuki had been asking for a room of his own for some time, but Masamune refused to give him one. One day, the two argued, and when Masamune pushed Naruyuki, Naruyuki punched his father in the face.

Masamune was shocked by this. A few days later, he decided to give him his own room, saying that he would respect Naruyuki’s will from now on. Naruyuki felt that he had been accepted, and came to respect his father as a “senior” in life.

After graduating from high school, Shigeyuki decided to go to Keio University to study economics. Before entering the university, the family of four took a trip to Hawaii to celebrate his start.

In his second year, he quit the dance club to concentrate on his studies and went to a prep school to get his certification.

A friend of mine from junior high and high school said, “From the second year of junior high school to the third year of high school, I have been studying hard.

“In the second year, he quit the club to concentrate on his studies and went to a prep school to study for his qualification. When we entered university, we were in different departments, but after a while, he often refused my invitations to hang out. When I met him at the university, he kept looking down, and I was worried about what happened to him.

I wondered what was wrong with him.” “His eyes were like a different person. ……

I guess he was so preoccupied with his studies that he had no time to pay attention to his surroundings.

In June of his sophomore year, he had to take the Nissho bookkeeping exam, which is required for certified public accountants. Naruyuki tried to show the results of his studies, but he failed the exam. It must have been a big setback for him, as he had been on the elite path. It was around this time that Naruyuki began to show signs of behavioral changes.

At the trial, his mother testified as follows.

“After he failed the bookkeeping exam, he changed. He quit the prep school and said he was giving up on the exam. He used to be so fashion conscious that he would change his clothes even to go to the convenience store, but now his hair was shaggy, his beard had grown long, and he was confined to his room, talking to his family only as much as necessary. The thing that bothered me the most was that his eyes looked like a different person.

Naruyuki also began to show symptoms of an eating disorder. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, he would eat a bowl of white rice with mayonnaise, ketchup, and soy sauce, and then run to the bathroom to vomit.

He would make and eat only omelets, saying that he would become an omelet master, but his mother could never call it an omelet.

His eccentric behavior also became more noticeable. Even when she went to the bathroom, she would play the rock music loudly, and if she heard the TV from the living room, she would yell, “Shut up! every time he went to the bathroom. Every time you go to the bathroom, you always replace the dolls in the line with the ones facing backwards. He even began to hold his mouth with both hands at all times.

His mother was worried about him and asked Masamune if he needed to see a doctor. Masamune replied.

“Naruyuki is absolutely fine. He’s just depressed right now. He will recover.

Perhaps Masamune did not want to admit that his son was mentally ill. His mother was so relieved that she would take him to the hospital if his master said so.

“It would be bad for the air!”

Shortly after the new year, Shigeyuki said he wanted to live alone and brought an apartment he had found. To his parents, it seemed as if their son wanted a fresh start.

On a holiday, his parents went to see a place in Musashi-Kosugi. It was close to the university and the rent was not too expensive. Masamune had noticed the change in Shigeyuki, so he agreed to change his living environment and told him to do his best.

However, an incident occurred two days later.

That evening, Shigeyuki was the first to go home. Then his mother came home. Naruyuki did not say anything and ate omu-rice as usual.

Around 8:00 p.m., his younger brother, who was a high school student, came home after finishing his club practice. He looked exhausted. He had lost his golf jersey that he had borrowed from Masamune a while ago, and Masamune had told him that he was sloppy and that he would not forgive him if he did not find it, so he was depressed to see him.

An hour or so later, Masamune came home. He seemed to have drunk a lot outside, and as soon as he came to the living room, he started swearing at his brother who was lying on the sofa. He criticized him for losing his jersey.

His brother didn’t listen to him because he had expected it, but Masamune gradually started to escalate his anger. His mother kept quiet and watched from a distance, as she always did.

However, Naruyuki, who was in the room next to the living room, seemed to be different. He was getting irritated, as he was hypersensitive to noise. Eventually, Naruyuki opened the door and yelled at Masamune.

“Stop it! You’re making the air in the entire living room worse!”

He quieted down for a moment, but Masamune quickly spoke back.

“You’re also making the air in the house worse!

He pointed out that after failing his exams in the summer, he had retreated to his room and had been behaving strangely. Naruyuki seemed puzzled by her words.

“It’s not my fault!”

Naruyuki shouted and went back to his room.

In the living room, he heard Masamune shouting at his brother again. Naruyuki, who was in his room, became excited when he heard it and took a knife out of the closet and cut the window curtain.

Blood stains spread across his chest.

It was about five minutes later when Naruyuki opened the door again. He brandished the knife and shouted.

“‘Come on, or I’ll stab you!

Masamune was startled and said, “Naruyuki! He frightened him. I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that. I’m not sure what to make of it. In the event that you have any questions concerning where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.

His younger brother, who was on the sofa, rushed over. A bloody knife fell from Naruyuki’s hand and rolled away. The blood stain on Masamune’s chest spread rapidly. His brother called out to him, pressing a nearby piece of clothing against the wound, but he seemed unable to respond.

The mother described the scene as follows.

“My husband was coughing up blood. I think Naruyuki was just standing there, dumbfounded. I called 119 on the spot. I was so upset that I said, “Please come right away! My second son held my husband’s chest and said, “Mom, put the phone to my ear. I did so, and my second son was instructed to secure his airway over the phone. After that, my second son said, ‘Brother, help me, too,’ and I asked him to hold his chest instead, and then I gave him a heart massage myself.

The ambulance and police car arrived about ten minutes after the call.

Masamune was immediately transported by ambulance to Showa University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 11:29 p.m. An autopsy later showed that the 13cm deep wound had cut his pulmonary artery, and the overflowing blood had flowed into his airway and lungs, resulting in death by asphyxiation.

This led to Naruyuki’s arrest for murder.

Unintelligible testimony

A little over a year after the incident, the Tokyo District Court held the trial of the case.

Naruyuki’s appearance in court had changed remarkably. He was no longer the handsome young man that the media had shown him immediately after the incident, but a black leather jacket and jeans, with stubble and long hair rolled up into a messy bun, giving him a hippie-like appearance.

What was most bizarre was that he kept his hands covering his mouth and nose while he was handcuffed. It was as if he was afraid of the poisonous gas, and he kept his eyes goggling the whole time he was on the stand and giving his testimony.

Furthermore, his testimony in court was full of nonsense. For example, the motive for the murder he gave to the police and prosecutors was as follows.

My father wanted to die, so I killed him.

I killed my father because he wanted to die. I killed him because he was going to force me to marry him.

He tried to satisfy his own needs by interfering in my love life, but he couldn’t, so he interfered with my brother.

He wanted to be killed by me. That’s why I stabbed him.

My father tried to use me to kill himself.

My father tried to use me to commit suicide. – My brother was his next target, so I had to protect him.

The psychiatrist who appeared in court as a witness diagnosed him as follows.


According to the doctor, the reason why he keeps his hands over his mouth and nose is to “prevent the frustrations in his mind from leaking out in the form of voices. He is under such an obsessive compulsion.

Hearing this, I was strangely convinced.

The murdered Masamune, his mother, and his second son had all noticed that Shigeyuki had been acting strangely since he failed the exam, but they had assumed that it was not enough to cause a murder. However, his condition was much worse than people thought.

I have covered many family murders in my book, “Kinship Murder,” and there are many similar cases. It is because they are family members that they do not notice or want to ignore the seriousness of the situation. This leads to the disease being left to worsen.

The judge handed down the following sentence.

–Three years imprisonment, five years probation.

Naruyuki was holding his mouth and nose with both hands while the sentence was being handed down, wondering how much he understood the meaning of it.

  • Interview and text Kota Ishii

    Born in Tokyo in 1977. Nonfiction writer. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art. He is active in reporting and writing about culture, history, and medicine in Japan and abroad. His books include "The House of the 'Demons': Parents Who Kill Their Own Children," "Forty-three Killing Intentions: The Depths of the Kawasaki Jr. 1 Boys' Murder Case," "Rental Child," "Kinship Murder," and "Social Map of Disparity and Division.

  • Photo Naho Yoshizawa/Afro

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