The “special treatment” Mr. and Mrs. Komuro are receiving in New York, including handling of interviews. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “special treatment” Mr. and Mrs. Komuro are receiving in New York, including handling of interviews.

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Kei Komuro and Mako Komuro walking in New York (Photo by Jiji Press)

Mako Komuro is currently facing a different kind of difficult situation.

She says, “With ever-accelerating inflation, the high cost of living in New York, originally known as the ‘best in the world,’ has become unbearable. If wages were to rise to a certain degree in line with this, it would ease the worries, but most people think that it is not easy to expect Kei-san, a legal assistant, to do so.

As has been reported in the past, Mako herself has a strong desire to work in an art-related occupation, and there were indications that she was actually in talks to work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET).

She had written a commentary on a work by a Japanese artist under the name “Mako Komuro,” but it seems that some flaws were found in the document, and visitors are no longer able to see the work, including the actual piece itself.

And this was the third time for the New York State bar exam.

The “I should have heard that I had passed the bar exam last October, and Kei had told all parties that he was confident about it. However, things have not been going well, and now we have come to the present. I am sure that Mako does not think that Kei was cheated because she saw and knew Kei’s efforts up close, but I hear that she is very frustrated.

At their wedding press conference last October, Mako said, “Regarding Kei-san’s study abroad, I asked him to move up his future plans to study abroad and establish a base overseas.

The decision to live abroad was not made at Kei’s sole discretion, but was strongly based on the consent of the two, who had pledged their future to each other.

A source close to the royal family revealed the reality of the situation: “I’m going to sound a little harsh, but I’m going to tell you what I think of …….

Prices are high, Mako’s own and Kei’s work and exams. It is clear that the life they had longed for is not going according to the blueprint. Although it was recently learned that they are living in a less expensive apartment than the one reported, the monthly rent still costs about 500,000 yen. Even without the whispered presence of tanimachi, he may be forced to cut back a bit on his accumulated savings.”

Locally, the dedicated staff of the Consulate-General of Japan in New York is said to provide generous support. ……

It is true that they are the ones who handle the interviews. We have asked the local Japanese media to not film us in the streets or conduct so-called direct interviews. The media on the other hand has asked for interviews, but they have not responded to these requests. They have given vague answers, such as not refusing completely but when the time is right. Of course, it is understandable that it is difficult to accept an offer unless the timing is right, such as when they pass the bar exam.

The dedicated staff is said to be in charge of a wide range of matters, including regulating such interviews and arranging for Mako to go to the hospital.

Of course, Mako seems to be grateful for that. However, it is not necessarily true that such a support system will not rehash the ‘special treatment criticism’ that was raised before the marriage, and Mako is concerned about that,” he said.

(The same source) “Taken together, does this mean that Mako is encountering a variety of ‘unexpected situations’ that she has never faced in her life as a member of the Imperial Family?

I suppose that’s what it means. Even though I had expected it to some extent, a number of unexpected things have happened in less than a year since I started my new life. Mako herself is troubled, and although she trusts Kei, of course, the relationship can become strained. I think this is a normal scene for a married couple, but I have heard that there has not been much of that in the past with the two of them.

I guess they are praying every day that the number of “unexpected” events will not increase any further and that even a single one of them will be removed.

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