Meals were meat and salad…and still are! METI Minister Nishimura’s astonishing “triceps | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Meals were meat and salad…and still are! METI Minister Nishimura’s astonishing “triceps

Leaked internal document prepared by METI bureaucrat draws "I knew it" from within the party.

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There is no need to be overly concerned about me,” METI Minister Nishimura said at a press conference, “but I think you should first reflect on what you have done.

He’s smart and passionate about his work. But he’s a man who doesn’t understand the hearts of his subordinates at all. ……”

Bureaucrats and LDP officials who saw METI Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura’s (59) “trisetts” (photo at right) were unanimous in their comments. The contents are shocking, but according to them, there are more “tricks” to deal with the overly troublesome METI Minister Nishimura.

He loves to be interviewed.

When he served as Minister of State for Corona from March 2008 to October 2009, METI Minister Nishimura was interviewed every day without fail. His secretaries and others were busy responding day after day.

Nishimura was also actively involved in news programs on Saturdays and Sundays, and he always had time for interviews after his programs. The bureaucrats had to prepare a large amount of materials every day for the program and for the interview, or else they would be exposed to Mr. Nishimura’s opprobrium.

Oni’s Door-to-Door Visits

METI Minister Nishimura is known for being tough on his subordinates, but when it comes to election-related issues, the tension seems to rise even higher.

Whenever there was a place that was not painted, he would get angry and say, ‘Why didn’t you press the doorbell at this house? ‘ I say, ‘I saw a poster of the Communist Party on the wall, so I went to ……,’ but they don’t care. ‘Even if the father is a Communist, his wife and children wouldn’t understand!’ They yell at me, ‘Even if your father is a Communist, your wife and children won’t understand!

Super “healthy” oriented

METI Minister Nishimura basically eats only meat and salad. Salad, in particular, is a must, and if it is not included in a meal, he is scandalized.

As the secretary general of the Seiwa-kai, it is Mr. Nishimura’s role to distribute lunch boxes to the approximately 100 members of the Seiwa-kai at its meetings. The secretaries order the lunches on Mr. Nishimura’s order, but when Prime Minister Abe saw the overly healthy menu, he laughed and said, ‘It’s like vegetarian food.

His more-than-perfect personality has caused endless hardship for those around him. Koichi Kakutani, a political journalist, speaks clearly about the leakage of the “triceps.

It must be seen as a leak by an irate bureaucrat who wanted to show that he was an arrogant fellow. The fact that such a document was leaked shows the minister’s character and dignity.

I hope this is an opportunity for him to rethink how he treats his subordinates.

The leaked “trisects” of METI Minister Nishimura’s business trips. METI claims that it was “voluntarily created.

From the September 23, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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