CD debut at age 52…! Yuriko Ishida’s aura photo that “gets brighter and brighter every year | FRIDAY DIGITAL

CD debut at age 52…! Yuriko Ishida’s aura photo that “gets brighter and brighter every year

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Ishida standing with a smile on location for a drama, taken in January 2010.

Singing songs and writing lyrics. And then, to have it become a form and be released to the world like this. I may be overreacting, but I feel as if I am dreaming.

On September 6, actress Yuriko Ishida (52) made a comment under the name “lily. Ishida made her CD debut on October 26 with the mini-album “Little Song. The album contains a total of five songs, including “Magic,” which was distributed last December, and other unreleased songs.

[Joon] I always had a longing to sing, at all times. So when I was asked to try my hand at singing, it was as if a fire was lit deep inside me.

Ishida also commented. The lyrics were written entirely by “lily,” while singer-songwriter Ohashi Trio was in charge of composing and producing the song.

She has been working on the music since the end of last year. Ishida will be a guest performer at Ohashi Trio’s 15th anniversary live at the Tokyo International Forum in November.

Even after turning 50, Ishida continues to take on new challenges. Her brilliance is increasing year by year. We would like to introduce her charms along with her treasured photos.

The “Miraculous Face” of the “Miraculous 50-Year-Old

In March 2008, Ishida was shopping at a department store in Ebisu, Tokyo, with her face almost completely clean.

Ishida-san is called the “miraculous 50-year-old. She is often seen at department stores buying food for the cats and dogs she lives with. She wears no disguise and is simply dressed almost completely in spin with her hair tied up in a bun. Even so, she exudes a dainty atmosphere to those around her.

Even at work, she is attentive to her surroundings.

“On the set of the drama “Wife, Shogakusei ni Naru” (Wife, Become an Elementary School Student) (TBS), in which she appeared, which started in January this year. (TBS), which started in January of this year, we often saw her smiling on the set. He waved his hand from where he was taking a break to a child actress whose face was stiff from the cold. Even while waiting, she talked to the girl and showed her pictures on her own phone. Her concern for her mother’s role in the drama was evident even when the cameras were not rolling,” said an employee at a commercial key station.

On her Instagram page, Ishida shows her unadorned figure without makeup and playing with her cat. Now that she has made her debut as a singer, it seems that her charms will become even more polished.

Ishida and a child actor chatting on the set of a TV drama, taken in January 2010.
No longer a symbol of healing
Checking her phone between scenes on location for a drama, photo taken in January 2010.
Ishida stands smiling between scenes of the drama, photo taken in January 2010.
  • Photographed by Takao Kawakami, Yusuke Kondo, Takuya Suzuki

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