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Long working hours, but ……TBS “Lavit! The “inside story” of TBS’s “Lavit!

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The show is highly regarded by TV people, who say, “With Kawashima, the show can get by.”‘ In mid-February 2009, this magazine directly interviewed Akira Kawashima of “Lavit! In mid-February 2009, this magazine directly interviewed Akira Kawashima of “Kirin,” who had been selected as MC of “Lavit! He was soft-spoken and courteous in his interview.

It’s like making a variety show special every morning, so to be honest, it’s a lot of work. But the producers and directors, as well as the people at the end of the production team, are always working hard to make sure the show is a success. AD But the producers and directors, as well as the ADs at the end of the line, are all working hard with the spirit of making an interesting program. Program production staff (A)

TBS’s morning information program “Lavit! is a popular content program in which Akira Kawashima (42) of the comedy duo Kirin serves as MC. The program began broadcasting in March 2009, and airs for about two hours on weekday mornings from 8:00 a.m. The cast includes TV personalities and comedians. The cast consists mainly of celebrities and comedians, and the program has maintained its stance of introducing lifestyle information such as fashion, gourmet food, and shopping, without touching on negative topics such as celebrity scandals and coronavirus-related information. In this issue, a member of the program’s production staff reveals what went on behind the scenes.

The most talked-about program was “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS TBS The most talked-about episode was the collaboration with “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS). Ano Chan was the first person to introduce Chihara Jr. 48 (48) and other comedians to answer questions as if they had thought up the answers themselves in the quiz corner of “Lavit! quiz corner as if she had thought up the answers herself. The co-hosts, including the host, Mr. Kawashima, were unaware that there was a real respondent, and were stunned to think that Ano-chan was giving a series of unusual answers. (Aforementioned program production staff) (A)

Staff member B, who was actually in the studio at the time, recalls the situation as follows.

Staff in the sub (sub-control room) knew it was a surprise, but none of the staff in the studio had been informed, so there was a lot of tension. The AD and even the floor director, who was giving the performers a campaing, did not know about it, so they were really nervous when they saw Anochan, who kept giving tricky answers that could not be considered an amateur. Even Mr. Kawashima, who is an expert at variety shows, couldn’t hide his agitation (laughs).

Makoto Tamura, who works with Kirin Kawashima as the MC of “Lavit! with Kirin and Kawashima. She is said to have excellent announcing skills as well as good looks (photo taken before the COVID-19 crisis).

Lavit!” is popular for its eccentric ideas and projects. is popular for its unique ideas. Each program is aired live, and the staff’s workload is beyond our imagination, as there are many corners in the program. Sometimes they stay overnight at the office for as long as a month.

Some of them work more than 300 hours a month. An average AD should be able to get four days off a month. We have a team of about 40 people working on each day of the week to prepare for on-air productions, which is four to five times the number of people working on a regular information program. This may seem like a lot for an information program, but when you consider that we make a two-hour variety show every day, it is not a large number of people. The Wednesday team, in particular, has fewer people, which makes it more difficult. However, even a project submitted by a staff member at the end of the team is sometimes adopted, which is very motivating” (Staff B).

After the broadcast, the producer in charge of the project always calls the stores that handled the project on location to thank them for their cooperation. One would think that the work would be tense on location due to such detailed work, but the actors and staff are close to each other on set, and the atmosphere is friendly.

Everyone is very nice, but the person who is closest to the staff is Shintaro Moriyama (36), who worked on the film “The Map”. 36 Everyone is nice. Shintaro Moriyama, 36, of “Mimitorizu,” is the closest to the staff. AD He makes me laugh by talking to the directors and ADs in the smoking area and other places. Mr. Kawashima is usually so shy and reticent that he cannot even look the staff in the eye, but when a staff member proposes a plan, he will work with the staff member from the planning stage to the conclusion, saying things like, “That would make it hard to generate laughter in the margins outside the script, so why not do this? When we actually follow Mr. Kawashima’s suggestions, the show takes an unexpected turn for the better, and he also moderates the show to ensure that it runs smoothly during the actual performance. (Staff A, above)

Shintaro Moriyama (left) and Lily (38) of the comedy duo “Mimikazu” appeared at a matching app event at the end of July this year. They are currently working on location 3-5 days a week. They have a good reputation on location.

Looking at household viewer ratings in July, “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network) earned a high rating of 4.6% for a morning program, while “Lavit! which has been on the air for a year and a half, also earned a 3.3% rating. is steadily approaching the top of the morning time slot in viewer ratings.

I would like to make this a morning program that can get the same ratings as a primetime variety show. We all share this goal, and there is a sense of unity among the 300 or so staff members, the performers, and the entire site. Staff member mentioned above A)

Lavit!” has brought a new wind to the TV world with its unconventional ideas, such as recording a live broadcast on TBS Radio during the show’s taping. (see above). The program is designed to “provide an opportunity to make life 10 times more enjoyable,” and behind the creation of the program is the work of staff members who work 10 times harder than usual.

  • Photo Toshikatsu Tanaka (Kawashima), Keisuke Nishi (Tamura Analyst), Kazuhiko Nakamura (schematic)

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