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Former Hakuho’s “Ginza Room” plan stalls…

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Hakuho announced at an online press conference that he will hold his retirement sumo tournament next January (Image: Jiji Press)

It has been one year since he retired from active sumo in the September tournament last year. …… The date of the retirement sumo tournament where former yokozuna Hakuho (37, Miyagino Oyakata) will hold a haircut ceremony, which had been undecided due to the new coronavirus, has finally been decided. The event will be held at the Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumida Ward, Tokyo) on January 28, 2012, and will be titled “Hakuho’s Retirement Sumo Assumption of Miyagino’s Name.

I want to be in good shape so that fans will look at me and think, ‘He can still do it,'” said Hakuho, who held an online press conference on September 5.

At an online press conference held on September 5, Hakuho expressed his enthusiasm for his retirement. According to Hakuho, his body, which has lost nearly 10 kg since he retired, began to work out again in September. He said that he has been working on his body from the basics of training.

Hakuho was a great yokozuna in the history of sumo, winning 45 makunouchi championships, the most in his career, and amassing a total of 1,187 victories. Will there be a surprise event and will the retirement sumo match be held in grand style, as is typical of legends? Some reports suggest that a mini live performance by a famous artist will be held and that fellow Mongolian rikishi such as Asashoryu and Hima Fumiji may perform as tachi (sword-bearers).

Hakuho himself seems to be envisioning an orthodox retirement ceremony. The details have not yet been decided, but he does not seem to be thinking of any special events.

The actual entrance is to be announced by the retired wrestler himself.

One of the reasons why the stablemasters are holding retirement ceremonies is that they can expect to earn a large amount of money.

The income from weddings and promotion parties basically belongs to the stable. On the other hand, the proceeds from a retirement party go to the stablemaster himself. Depending on the ranking of the current wrestler, usually 300 to 400 guests are invited to the party. If each person wraps up 100,000 yen, it amounts to about 40 million yen. A big name like Hakuho will probably have many invited guests, so the amount should easily exceed 50 million yen. The rental fee for the Kokugikan, the venue of the event, is also inexpensive, so it will be a big source of income,” said an official of the Sumo Association.

The Miyagino-ya stable has been renting the building where former Sekiwake Takamiyama’s Higashinoseki stable was located since August. Hakuho has a plan to eventually build a new stable. He has told those around him, “My dream is to build a new stable in Ginza or Nihonbashi.

His dream is to have a stable in Ginza or Nihonbashi. I want to make the room glass-walled so that fans can watch me practice. Ginza attracts a lot of foreign tourists, so they will be able to experience Japanese sumo culture firsthand.

Will the huge income from retired sumo wrestlers greatly advance Hakuho’s plan to establish a new Ginza stable?

“It would be difficult. Hakuho used to call himself the Maki Oyakata before he became the Miyagino Oyakata. He took over the Maboraki stock from Tokitsukai, a former maegashira who had been involved in scandals such as going to a brothel when he was asked to refrain from going out by Corona. However, it is said that Hakuho did not pay for the Mabaki shares. The market price of the Oyakata shares is about 100 to 200 million yen. Even if his income from retired sumo is large, it must be used to pay for the Maboraki shares, and he does not seem to be able to afford to build a new stable.

Hakuho himself says, “I don’t have any money now. (I don’t know how many years it will be. It seems that the selection of a new location is also difficult. It doesn’t look like the plan will go forward easily.

When will this dream come true? Even though the date for the retirement sumo tournament has been set, there is still no timetable for the establishment of a new stable in Ginza.

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