Teens love her…! The reason why Kaon, daughter of Makoto Nonomura, is the “No. 1 face you want to be”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Teens love her…! The reason why Kaon, daughter of Makoto Nonomura, is the “No. 1 face you want to be”.

Kaon is the number one face that teenagers want to be. Her charm is also reflected in her range of acting...

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In mid-August, Kaon was filming “Takamine no Hana-san 2” (BS Tokyo), which will start airing in October. She dashed repeatedly under the scorching sun.

She said, “I’m so happy! I was so happy! I’ve always wanted to be cute, so I’d like to keep evolving. After becoming a COVID-19 crisis, I started to want to be beautiful from the inside out, so I started drinking lots of water and trying to improve my skin quality.

Kanon, 21, is an actress and model who is ranked first among teenagers in terms of the faces they aspire to have.

In an interview with the entertainment and lifestyle site “Model Press” in March 2021, when asked how she felt about being ranked No. 1, she candidly confided that she had been pursuing “cute” as well.

She has been active as a model since she was 12 years old and has always been at the top of her field, but her charm lies in the fact that she is able to express herself as she is at that moment, without growing older. (Photographer)

Her father is the celebrity Makoto Nonomura (58), and before her debut, when she was 10 years old, she made her first appearance on a variety show with Nonomura, and her cuteness became the talk of the town.

When asked by the host, atsushi Tamura (48) of London Hearts, if she took baths with her father, she replied, “Yes, we usually do. When asked if she bathed with her father, Jun Tamura (48), a member of the Tsukasa Society, replied, “I usually do,” and then added, “You want to bathe with your father, don’t you? She has always been close with her father, Mr. Nonomura, and said, “My father has always supported me. I always say that I would like to perform with my father in some way. Mr. Nonomura is more of a teased character, but I think the fact that he never teases his father in a flirtatious manner, and that he respects him, is also a factor in his favorable impression.

She is currently an exclusive model for the miscellaneous newspaper “non-no,” and also appeared as an actress in NHK’s historical drama “Hanamayu” at the age of 13. Last year, she played the role of an employee of the General Affairs Department who is an idol within the company in “Takamine no Hana-san,” which was broadcast on BS TV Tokyo’s “Midnight Drama” slot and the missed first episode recorded 1 million views in one week, and was well received.

Currently, filming is underway for the second episode, “Takamine no Hana-san 2,” which will air in October, and this magazine witnessed the filming in mid-August. Under the strong sunlight, Kaon was wearing high heels and repeatedly dashing through the scene while yelling and screaming.

She said, “She had been taking acting lessons since elementary school with the goal of becoming an actress, but after being busy with schoolwork and modeling, she decided to give acting a serious try when she became a college student. In “Hana-san,” she plays a devilish character who uses her cuteness as a weapon to play tricks on her employees, but she is really cute, so I don’t hate her at all (laughs). Perhaps she inherited her father’s talent as a comedienne, but I think her talent as a comedienne is also quite high,” said a person involved in the production of a commercial TV drama.

Not only her looks, but also her future activities are worth watching.

Between drama shoots, I repeatedly dashed around in heels, so I had to take them off to move around.
Her height of 157 cm is low for a model, but her overwhelming cuteness covers it!
  • Photographed by Yusuke Kondo

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