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Mr. Gershey: 40,000 Online Salons Continue to Be Impatient with Election Pledges

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Mr. Garcie, an “exposé-style YouTube personality,” was elected to the House of Councillors in the summer election. His campaign promises are attracting a lot of attention… (from his YouTube channel)

Mr. Gershey, a “revealing YouTube personality,” ran for the upper house of the Diet in the summer election from the NHK party, and was successfully elected. At the end of August, he opened an online salon for 3,980 yen per month. He announced that the number of members has already grown to nearly 40,000.

Gershy, whose YouTube account was banned (frozen), established the fee-based online salon “GASYLE” on August 23. Initially, he was unable to open the site to the public as scheduled due to server problems and other issues, which sometimes made him angry.

The management has revealed that it is also currently discontinuing new applications because of server enhancements and bug verification. Certainly the income is enormous, but the maintenance fees for the equipment must be quite high as well,” said a wide range of people involved in the wide range of activities.

Under such circumstances, Mr. Gershie has been reprinting material from his online salon on sites such as

“Next time I find one of those sites, I’m going to beat it thoroughly.

He is furious with the leaking of the shocking revelations. He is probably saying that he can’t do business if his shocking revelations are leaked. The management also said

The management side is also taking the appropriate legal measures, including requesting a lawyer and filing civil and criminal complaints.

The management is also willing to take legal measures.

Certainly, it is illegal to reprint or leak the contents without permission. However, when he ran for the upper house of the Diet, he made “47 revelations” a campaign promise.

During his election campaign, Mr. Gershwin used his initials and withheld his real name. If elected, he promised to reveal them under his own name, as if to answer the question.

However, if he only reveals them in paid salons, only a few people will be able to enjoy them, and it is not a very realistic fulfillment of his promise. I think he knows that,” said a reporter for a women’s magazine.

For the voters who voted for Mr. Garcey, this exposure is probably what they are most looking forward to. If this is done only through the salon, which costs a hefty 3,980 yen per month, the public’s dissatisfaction will explode.

In fact, NHK party leader Takashi Tachibana said that if there is “no disclosure of promises” or if it is only “entertainers who have nothing to do with the world of politics,” then “the public will not be happy.

“To be frank, we as a party have no way to protect them.

Gershey said publicly that he would not be able to defend the party if there was “no public exposure.

Gershey said that he would post his revelations at Salon on Instagram and TikTok. In fact, he exposed the troubles of women in Japan’s national soccer team class on TikTok, but it did not spread like it did on YouTube.

However, if he opened his salon for free only for the “public exposure,” the servers would be flooded. Mr. Gershwin may be facing a dilemma in that he wants to fulfill his pledge but cannot find a way to do so successfully.

The voters are anxiously waiting for the pledges to be revealed. However, perhaps it is Mr. Garcey himself who is the most bewildered.

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