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Wives of Ewes in the Pear Orchard Speak Out! What Teruyuki Kagawa & Ebizo “Critically Lack

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Dried out from television, Kagawa has been shunned by veteran actors and his wife in Nashien. He has no choice but to devote himself to Kabuki…

Teruyuki Kagawa, 56, who was reported to have sexually assaulted a female hostess at a club in Ginza, was initially ignored by the Kabuki world, but has now begun to voice his criticism one after another. One veteran actor tells Kagawa that he has no choice but to change his mind and devote himself to his craft, but he is as tight-lipped as ever about his “womanizing”.

Finally, the wives of the narien (pear orchard), for whom “keeping quiet and not talking” had been considered a beautiful thing to do, spoke up. What does one of them, Satomi (pseudonym), think about the Kagawa affair?

I am sure he was dishonest and insulted the other woman. I think that’s all. If you play nicely, this will not happen. To play nicely means to be grateful to your wife and to the women who play with you. If you are grateful to women on a regular basis, you would have taken good care of them even after problems occurred. If he had gone that far, it would have been “playful.

But I am sure that was not the case. I saw a photo of Mr. Kagawa grabbing a woman’s hair (Shukan Shincho, September 1 issue), and that was terrible. Mr. Kagawa insulted a woman in Ginza. He may have thought he had settled the case by paying a settlement, but the emotional scars of the woman who was insulted will never heal.

In this respect, Ebizo Ichikawa, 44, is no different.

It is said that Mr. Ebizo also insulted Maya Kobayashi (43), the sister of his wife Mao (34). So I think Maya had no choice but to confess her history with Ebizo on her own blog.”

In March of this year, Maya wrote in her blog that Ebizo had been reading horse racing newspapers in the hospital room where Mao was hospitalized, and that Ebizo had borrowed a large sum of money for a Middle East concert he held in February 2004: 230 million yen from Mao, 40 million yen from Mao’s mother, and 90 million yen from Maya, totaling 360 million yen. He “confessed” that he had borrowed a large sum of money from Ms. Mao, 40 million yen from her mother, and 90 million yen from Maya for the Middle East tour that opened in February 16.

She said, “Even 10 million yen is fine. Just being able to pay it back is all that is needed. That’s all it takes to change a woman’s mind. Mr. Ebizo could have done that, but he didn’t. It means that he was not grateful for the financial support and had no intention to return the money. If what Maya is telling us is true, I can think of no greater insult.”

It was recently reported that Shikan Nakamura (57) and Hiroko Mita (56) have separated. The cause is said to be that Shikan’s third reported affair last December caused Mita’s patience to run out.

Mita, like a wife in a Japanese pear orchard, kept her mouth shut and didn’t speak, and instead showed it through her actions. Perhaps she was telling him, ‘As expected, even I won’t have a third affair. It is, in my opinion, a gross insult to your wife.”

While prefacing her remarks by saying that she did not think it was appropriate to talk about an old story as it applies to the current era, Satomi muttered, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about the past as it applies to the current era.

If you ask me,” she said, “the past is no different from the present. What I don’t want you to misunderstand is that it is not chic for a man to make a woman outside. No matter what kind of dishonesty they suffered, they were able to ‘play with women’ because they had wives who were ‘silent and unspoken. But I get the feeling that men in the past were more responsible for their own play.”

Not only in the nashien, but many men may find these words painful to hear.

Ebizo, who will give a performance in November to announce his succession to the title of “Ichikawa Danjuro Ichikawa Shirasaru XIII,” does not enjoy the confidence of veteran actors and wives in the Rizon theater.
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