Yua Shinkawa appeared in a “green shirt one-piece” in Shibuya under the scorching sun. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yua Shinkawa appeared in a “green shirt one-piece” in Shibuya under the scorching sun.

She is now a successful actress who has appeared in five dramas and one movie.

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Actress Yua Shinkawa (28) was seen at a sparsely populated intersection in Shibuya Ward at 6:00 in the early morning. Under the scorching sun, she was filming for the drama in which she stars, “There is a Personal Difference” (Tokai TV/Fuji TV).

Shinkawa crossed a pedestrian bridge at an intersection on her way to the filming location. The temperature that day was 30 degrees Celsius. He was drinking tea in a gulp, probably because it was so hot.

Shinkawa was standing by in a bright green one-piece shirt. As she walked, she hydrated herself and chatted with the staff, but when the production began, she began walking with a mysterious look on her face as extras passed by. The scene proceeded unobtrusively, and filming ended. He left the scene quickly, probably with his next schedule looming.

Shinkawa is a successful actress who has already appeared in five dramas and one movie this year alone. Although she is not an individualistic actress, she has played numerous roles as a by-player, from a young detective with a strong core to a pathetic adopted daughter. In recent years, she has appeared in an increasing number of films as an actress who can also play the leading role.

In a word, she is a “workaholic. She always communicates enthusiastically with the staff, so meetings go smoothly, and she makes sure that everything runs smoothly on set. Three years ago, he got married to a location bus driver whom he met on the job, and I was surprised to learn that she had made a move on him because of his usual image.

Last year, Shinkawa switched to adult-oriented magazines in which she is a regular model. She is steadily on her way to becoming a mature and talented model.

Yua Shinkawa’s “Location Bus Marriage” – 3 years later, the true face of a talented actress.

From the September 9, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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