YURIYAN and Erika Karada take on the tough challenge of increasing their weight. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

YURIYAN and Erika Karada take on the tough challenge of increasing their weight.

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Mid-July. Yuriyan Retriever (31) shows up at the photo shoot.

Yuriyan and Erika Karada are currently working on body modification. Yuriyan’s body transformation is progressing smoothly with the goal of reaching 50 kg, but Erika Karada has only gained about 10 kg, and she is having a hard time.

In early July, Yuriyan Retriever (31) and actress Erika Karada (24) were walking along a street corner in Tokyo, chatting and laughing. On that day, they were filming “Queen of Villains,” which is scheduled to be distributed on Netflix in ’23. The film is a Netflix original based on Dump Matsumoto (61), a charismatic and popular villainous wrestler, and Yuriyan was chosen to play the lead role of Dump Matsumoto, while Karada was cast as his rival, Chikusa Nagayo.

The two have been working on body modification for the role of the wrestler. Yuriyan has been making steady progress with her body makeover, and now weighs 90 kg, up from 65 kg. Karada, on the other hand, is having a hard time gaining weight as she would like.

On social networking sites, some people say, “It’s a pity that they have to gain and lose weight so rapidly for their roles.

In addition to their high motivation for the work, the girls are actually guaranteed a certain amount of money until they regain their body weight, apart from the appearance fee, just like in Hollywood. Therefore, the performers are also working on body modification with the whole office.

Karada showed up at the scene in casual attire. Like Yuriyan, she started increasing her weight in January of this year.

And it is not only the actors who are struggling. Although the film was to be cranked in early July, location scouting had not been completed as of the end of June, and filming was halted until the end of July due to a coronary infection among the production staff.

In addition to the actors and production staff, the staff at Karada’s office are also struggling with the “incident” that Karada has caused.

The president of the office as well as the manager are present at the filming site. Of course, this is due to the affair scandal. Karada’s manager is always bowing to the staff, saying, ‘I’m sorry about the incident ……. Since this is Karada’s return to work, it seems that the office is being very cautious.

However, Karada herself seems to be concentrating on the filming. Behind the scenes, there was the director’s persistence, which is anathema to the recent film industry.

Director Kazuya Shiraishi, who is in charge of the film, is a person who places great importance on creating an atmosphere on set, and has all staff members undergo training to ensure that power harassment and sexual harassment do not occur. He specifically does not allow them to touch Ms. Karada’s case. This consideration has allowed her to perform with a relaxed attitude.

Two and a half years have passed since the affair in January 2008. Masahiro Higashide (34), her partner, has already made a comeback to show business despite quitting his office, and has appeared in a series of films including “Confidence Man JP: Heroes” and the Netflix movie “Talk Survivor. Hopefully, this film will be the catalyst for Karada’s full-fledged return to show business.

Yuriyan & Erika Karada’s challenge to increase their weight in a Netflix film
Yuriyan and Erika Karada are going to challenge a severe increase in weight.
Why YURIYAN and Erika Karada are challenging to gain a lot of weight
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