Is Takagishi’s moving performance in “Timondi” “true” or “character”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is Takagishi’s moving performance in “Timondi” “true” or “character”?

You can do it! is his big break! Takagishi continues to inspire and move audiences both in dramas and as a professional baseball player, but some of his fellow comedians have questioned his performance. ....

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In mid-April, Takagishi came out of a ramen shop alone. Even in his private life, as you can see, he wears an all-orange outfit.

From his mask to his day bag and sneakers, he is all orange. He is Hiroyuki Takagishi (29) of “Timondi. The photo shows him alone at a ramen restaurant in Shiodome in April of this year, finishing his ramen and heading to Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV). Speaking of Takagishi, it is well known that everything in his home is orange, from his personal clothing to his personal belongings.

Takagishi is so conspicuous when traveling and in private that he is constantly reported to be seen, and at the request of his partner Yuta Maeda (29), who wanted Takagishi to somehow cut out the orange, the two appeared together last May on “Hirunandes! (Nippon TV) in May of last year. They visited UNIQLO and H&M to pick out jackets and set-up pants, but it seems that they were unable to change Takagishi’s single-mindedness in everything,” said a variety show insider.

On July 14, Takagishi made his first professional appearance in a game against the Saitama Musashi Heat Bears. He gave up three runs on 52 pitches, three hits, five walks, and no strikeouts in two innings, but the 5,021 spectators were thrilled to see Takagishi “live up to expectations.

When Takagishi hit a home run over the left-center field wall to lead off the second inning, the crowd on the mound applauded, saying, “Wow! and applauded. And just before he came home alive, he ran to home base and called out, “Nice home run! Just before he came home, he ran to the base and said, “Nice homerun! Takagishi’s teammate Munenori Kawasaki (41), who started at third base on the day of the game and was known as “Munerin,” said, “We can play because the other team is there.

We can play because the other team is there. I think that awareness is fading in today’s baseball world, so we should learn from Mr. Takagishi’s ‘nice home run’ today. I was very moved by his words.

He praised Takagishi’s “true” character.

In July, Hanawa Noriyuki Hanawa, 44, of the Knights, questioned Takagishi’s “real” side, appearing on “Knights the Radio Show” (Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) and saying, “I saw the news. It’s great! Takagishi. You can do it! He was really proud of Takagishi’s determination to do it,” Hanawa said.

I’m in trouble with that thing from ‘Tokyo Hotelison,'” Hanawa said.

He then went on to say that Takagishi and Shogo (28) were “insulated” from each other. The contents of the story are as follows.

When Shogo asked Takagishi, “Please go back to your old way of talking only when you are with me,” Takagishi replied, “What are you talking about? I’ve always been like this,'” he replied in his usual tone. Shogo was furious and said, ‘I’m not going to talk to you anymore,'” said a source involved in the radio program production.

It was on August 5 that Shogo opened up heavily about the alleged insulation. He opened “Tokyo Hotayson’s Radio Tile Edition” on the YouTube channel “Grape Company Channel” of Grape Company, the office to which Tokyo Hotayson belongs.

Shogo prefaced the story by saying that it was about four years ago, and that he was “surprised” when Takagishi, with whom he co-starred on TV, suddenly became a slow-talking character. Since that way of speaking remained the same even behind the scenes, he suggested, “Let’s talk normally,” but when that didn’t change, he wondered how he should talk, and from then on they became estranged for two years.

Shogo emphasized that he “never insulated himself” from Takagishi, who was playing with his character, and said, “I have great respect for him. I thought it was cool,” and “I thought, ‘Wow, let’s face it a little,'” and they now have normal conversations with each other, he concluded.

Takagishi said, “Takagishi, um, don’t take it too hard. If you’re having a hard time, just say you’re having a hard time.

He concluded his speech with the following words of encouragement: “Takagishi, don’t be too hard on yourself.

He said, “There is a video of an interview with Takagishi when he was a member of the baseball team at Jeumi High School, and he is rather expressionless and low-tensioned, saying plainly, ‘I want to take my teammates to the Koshien. In that sense, he certainly was not the character he is today, but his character of being single-minded and thorough in everything he does has always remained the same. I think the truth is that when he became a comedian and managed to create his own character without any gags, his current character has become his “true” self over time.

In any case, everyone says that the “real” Takagishi is “single-minded, honest, and earnest,” as he has always been.

In three games, he has two earned runs allowed, is 0-0 with a 4.91 earned run average (as of September 3), but on the days he pitches, many spectators come to see him, and the merchandise is sold out. His contribution to the baseball team is tremendous.
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