Hosoda, Speaker of the House of Representatives, “Leaving the Liberal Democratic Party” to make a bad move to avoid the old Unification Church survey. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hosoda, Speaker of the House of Representatives, “Leaving the Liberal Democratic Party” to make a bad move to avoid the old Unification Church survey.

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Hiroyuki Hosoda, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, is the “head of the three branches of government. He is the “head of the three branches of government” and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hiroyuki Hosoda.

The LDP is united as a party and will take resolute action.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida declared at a meeting of the LDP executive board on September 6.

The LDP is currently conducting a survey of all Diet members regarding the relationship between the party’s Diet members and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (formerly the Unification Church).

Furthermore, Secretary-General Toshimitsu Mogi has stated that, in the future, those lawmakers who cannot sever ties with the Unification Church “will not be able to work for the same party.

“We cannot be active in the same party. If they cannot be active, it means they cannot stay in the same party.”

He called for the resignation from the party. It seemed as if he had vowed to part ways with the party with the utmost determination, but it turned out that there was an unexpected “loophole” in his decision.

The loophole is being circumvented by Hiroyuki Hosoda, the speaker of the House of Representatives, who has never once mentioned his relationship with the Unification Church, saying that he would “refrain from giving a reply.

In 2009, Mr. Hosoda attended the first general meeting of the “Japan-United Parliamentarians for World Peace Roundtable” held at the House of Representatives building. There was also Mr. Masayoshi Kajikuri, chairman of the International Union for Victory and Co-operation, a political organization formed in Korea and Japan by Moon Myung Moon, the founder of the former Unification Church of Japan.

Mr. Kajiguri is said to be the de facto head of the Unification Church in Japan. He is also the chairman of the UPF (United for Peace in the Firmament), which sent a message to former Prime Minister Abe that led to his shooting. Incidentally, it was also Mr. Kajiguri who requested a message from former Prime Minister Abe. It has been confirmed that he himself said so at a prayer service last October.

Next to Mr. Kajikuri, 20 lawmakers, including Speaker of the House of Representatives Hosoda, are smiling and taking pictures. Most of them are members of the Liberal Democratic Party. Furthermore, Mr. Hosoda said at an event of a related organization in ’19

I would like to report the details of today’s successful meeting to Prime Minister Abe as soon as possible. I would like to report immediately to Prime Minister Abe on the success of this meeting, which was made possible through the advocacy of President Han Hako.

He also made a speech. Incidentally, President Han Harko is the wife of Moon Jae-in, the current head of the denomination, who has also been mentioned by former Prime Minister Abe and President Trump.

Mr. Hosoda is one of the “black” ones in terms of “shades of gray. Her name was on a leaked list of Diet members who support the International Coalition for Victory. Mr. Hosoda has refused to talk at all and has not responded to this survey. The reason for this is that he is the “Speaker of the House of Representatives,” so he is ostensibly using the convention of “leaving the faction to which he belongs” as a shield in order to conduct neutral congressional operations.

In other words, he says that he is now “breaking away from the Liberal Democratic Party. However, this is only true when he is the chairman of the LDP, and his name is still listed on the LDP website. When he is no longer the chairman, of course he will return to the LDP. Why are you so desperately reluctant to answer this question when all you have to do is answer whether or not you have any association with the Unification Church and whether or not you will sever ties with them? It is completely incomprehensible…” (Political journalist)

At a press conference held on August 6, Secretary-General Mogi indicated that both Hosoda, the speaker of the House of Representatives and Hidehisa Otsuji, the speaker of the House of Councillors, who is currently leaving the LDP party fold as the LDP chairman, are “not subject to the investigation. It would be enough to check only eight items on a single piece of paper, but will the public really understand the avoidance of such a check for the sake of “neutral parliamentary management”?

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