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Pacun’s “No More Unification Church” is Under Fire for Leaving Victims Behind

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Pacun of “Pacun Makun” came under fire for his comments about the Unification Church. He later defended himself in an online broadcast.

I think the Unification Church issue has been put to rest.

“Don’t blame the members of Congress with whom I’ve had contact.”

Patrick Harlan, aka Pacun of the comedy duo Pacun Makun, appeared on the September 4 broadcast of “Beat Takeshi’s TV Tackle” (TV Asahi). He questioned the public’s fuss over the issue of the former Unification Church, and also passionately argued that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should be given a state funeral.

Pacun commented on the opposition to a national funeral.

If we don’t hold a state funeral after the assassination of the longest-ruling prime minister in constitutional history, I wonder when we will hold one.

I wonder when they will do it.

TV personality Reina Triendl, who was also in the studio, began by saying

“We should find out what caused the terrorist attacks, such as the involvement of the Unification Church,” she said.

Pacun then asked, “What’s the cause?

Pacun then turned up the heat by asking, “The Unification Church is not on the culprit’s side. I feel uncomfortable that everyone is getting mixed up. The person who assassinated him was not from the Unification Church, but from the anti-Unification Church.

He pointed out.

Alpinist Ken Noguchi, who was also in the studio, added

Yes! If he (Tetsuya Yamagami) were able to watch TV right now, he would be smiling in his jail cell.

Triendl, however, was not convinced.

Triendl, however, seemed unconvinced and nodded his head. Makoto Otake added, “The problem of the Unification Church is that it is a religion.”

Makoto Ohtake argued that the Unification Church issue should be considered separately from religious issues.

Makoto Ohtake argued, “The issue of the Unification Church should be considered separately from the issue of religion.” Makoto Ohtake continued.

Some Nisei believers are in trouble because they are forced to donate all of their money, even the Corona benefits.

Pacun responded, “If that is the case, then the council members with whom we have been in contact with should be able to get involved.”

Pacun countered, “If that is the case, I would like you to proceed with the discussion on how to deal with the problem without blaming the members of the Diet with whom you have been in contact.”

Pacun countered, “Then, I would like you to proceed with the discussion on how to deal with the situation. Ohtake responded.”

I don’t understand what you mean by ‘don’t blame them’ (the legislators with whom you have had contact). It seems like you are defending him.

“I’m not defending him,” he replied.

Pacun became embarrassed and replied, “I’m not defending him.

Pacun’s comment caused a firestorm on the Internet. In the midst of all this, Pacun appeared live on ABEMA’s “Changing News Program #Abepura,” which aired on May 5, and said of his comments, “Pursuing responsibility is important.”

He said, “Pursuing responsibility is important, and I think we need to be compassionate to the victims. But I was just talking about making rules in general terms to prevent recurrence, but the reaction was really strong.”

“I was really overwhelmed by the response,” he defended himself.

The suspect’s mother was taken advantage of by the Unification Church to take advantage of her family’s unhappiness, and her property was ripped off by the church. It is said that such families abound in Japan and that 50 billion yen is remitted to Korea every year. I don’t understand how anyone can ignore these victims and say over the public airwaves, “Enough is enough with the Unification Church.

Mr. Pakkun and Ms. Noguchi were invited to a cherry blossom viewing party held by Mr. Abe, and it is said that they are close to the Liberal Democratic Party. Mr. Noguchi was also a member of the “Abe faction,”  when he passed away, he tweeted, “I have lost a great pillar of support, and I feel a sense of loss. It seems to me that he just wants to calm down the Unification Church issue and hold a state funeral for Mr. Abe in good spirit.

The Liberal Democratic Party has issued a notice to sever ties with the cult, and the Consumer Affairs Agency has also begun taking measures against psychic sales methods. In such a situation, it may be a little too rash for a TV personality to say on TV that “the Unification Church’s problems have been put to rest.”

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