Sharapova In a Pink Mini One-Piece from Her Active Days Wowed the Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sharapova In a Pink Mini One-Piece from Her Active Days Wowed the Fans!

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Maria Sharapova, former world number one in women’s tennis and nicknamed the “Tennis Fairy,” has created a stir by revealing a photo of herself in a “pink mini one-piece. The photo, which was published on her Instagram account, was flooded with comments such as “Queen,” “Legend,” and “Too beautiful.

Sharapova released a photo of her during her active career. Her determination is evident in her pose (from her Instagram @mariasharapova).

Sharapova released a photo taken at the U.S. Open during her playing days. Sharapova is wearing a pink mini dress and a pink sun visor. Her cross necklace is distinctive. Sharapova has a combative look on her face and with a closed fist.

Sharapova left a meaningful comment on this photo, “The logo used to be so small. It is believed that she is suggesting that sports brands and sponsors are aiming for a publicity effect and that the logos on players’ wears are getting bigger and bigger every year.

The Nike logo is indeed small and compact. In the comments section, there were fans who agreed with such comments as, “There are more and more vulgar clothes these days,” and “If you play good tennis, it should have its own publicity.”

Sharapova, born in 1987, retired at the age of 32 with a spectacular record of five Grand Slam (four major tournament singles) titles, five runner-up finishes, and a silver medalist at the London Olympics. She had also achieved a lifetime Grand Slam.

After her retirement, she announced her engagement to a British businessman in December 2020. It was rumored that this would be the start of a full-fledged entry into the business world. She had already founded the sweets brand Sugarpova, and she also showed her activities as an investor on Instagram. She gave birth to her first child this year, which has also went viral on Instagram.

Fans can’t take our eyes off Sharapova, who entertains her fans with references to the past while enjoying the present!

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