Yukina Kinoshita’s “grey see-through knit with bare shoulders” will delight fans…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita’s “grey see-through knit with bare shoulders” will delight fans…!

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Kinoshita when she was interviewed by this magazine about her “semi-cohabitation” with a J-Leaguer in July this year.

Former celebrity, Yukina Kinoshita, has been making a big splash with her Instagram account, showing off her “gray shoulder-length see-through knit”. She posted it using the story function of her Instagram, along with a report that she had cut her hair short.

There are two stories posted by Kinoshita. The first was in the form of a quote from what appears to be Kinoshita’s hairdresser’s account, thanking her, “Thank you~~~. Kinoshita is wearing a gray knit with holes in the shoulders, exposing her skin. Underneath is a pair of tight black pants.

Another story is a selfie of Kinoshita. Kinoshita commented on her drastically shortened hairstyle, saying, “Yukina bob is back. The knit is made of a thin fabric, so it is very impressive that the inner wearer can be seen through it.

Kinoshita’s hair used to be up to her chest, but looking at the story, it looks like she changed it back to shoulder length rather than ……. This was praised by fans, who said, “Yukina with short hair is still wonderful.

Kinoshita was born in 1987 in Tokyo, and her nickname is Yukina. She got her break when her unusual answers on a quiz show became the talk of the town, but she retired from the entertainment industry in July last year. However, she has since reopened her once-closed Instagram, and this year she was appointed as a model for the sports street brand “Made in World x #FR2” collaboration products. In effect, she has resumed her talent activities.

She also has two daughters in her personal life, but divorced Satoshi Fujimoto of the comedy duo FUJIWARA on New Year’s Eve 2019. However, there have been endless rumors about her love life since then. Recently, she has been posting a series of posts on Instagram “smelling” the presence of a boyfriend, which has fans up in arms.

It’s true that she’s received a lot of criticism from the public, but her new Instagram account already has more than 530,000 followers, and she has many strong fans. Her power of communication is still alive and well.

She got a fresh start by cutting her hair completely. Kinoshita, who once experienced the bottom of the barrel, may be about to make a raging comeback. ……!

  • Photo Takayuki Ogawauchi

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