KOC Champion KUKI KAIDAN Reveals How They Really Spent Their 10 Million Yen Prize Money | FRIDAY DIGITAL

KOC Champion KUKI KAIDAN Reveals How They Really Spent Their 10 Million Yen Prize Money

"A unique duo that has been ridiculed as "scum comedians" and tearfully won the highest level competition of all time, both of them used the prize money of 10 million yen to pay off their debts!

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The two were busy for 24 hours with TV appearances and victory celebrations. “We met so many big-name comedians that we got star sick.

The “King of Contrast 2021” has been called the highest level ever. It was “Air Stairway” that came out on top, beating out “Magical Lovely,” which had the triple crown on the line, and “New York,” which is on the verge of becoming a household name.

This unique duo consists of Mogura Suzuki (34), who loves sex and gambling and is deep in debt, and Katamari Mizukawa (31), who has been living as a recluse on her parents’ money since she dropped out of Keio University because she couldn’t make any friends due to her dark personality. They have been ridiculed as “scum comedians,” but this year they got their “revenge. On the night of October 3, the day after the fierce battle, I visited the two backstage to congratulate them.

Mogura: “Dear creditors, thank you very much for your patience with ……. First of all, we want to pay off our debts with this winnings. But I’d like to bet one million yen on a horse. I’ll talk to my wife about it, but I don’t think it will be possible.

Mizukawa: “I’ve been able to continue my career as a comedian with my parents sending me over 10 million yen, so I’d like to pay them back. Also, Mogura’s habit of being late is so bad that I’m going to buy him an alarm device that will definitely wake him up.

On the first stage, the two performed a bizarre story about a fireman and a policeman getting caught in a fire at an SM club. They got the highest score in their history and won the championship with their momentum.

Mogura: “When they announced the provisional number one score for “The Mummy,” which was on stage before us, we heard cheers all the way to the back of the stage and flinched quite a bit. But I said, “I’ve been losing for ten years. I’m going to win once and make it all go away.

Mizukawa: “I was satisfied with my performance at the pre-show meeting. I felt satisfied with my performance at the pre-show meeting, and since I had been getting a lot of laughs from the first performance, “Frog Pavilion,” I had a mysterious peace of mind that I wouldn’t slip up.

After the victory, the two of them spent 24 hours a day on live TV and celebrating the victory. However, behind their exhausted eyes, they were already looking at their next goal.

Mizukawa: “This month, I’m going to start my own show, “Air Stairs’ Air Observation,” and I want to continue it for a long time. As a champion, I’d like to appear in more and more variety shows.

Mogura: “Also, we were raised by the stage, so we want to return the favor. The best way to see comedy is to see it live. I’d like to have a big solo live performance.”

Now that the two have begun to climb a new staircase, there’s no stopping their momentum.

Air Stairway was formed in 2012 and won the competition with a record high score of 486 points, achieving their long-held dream of making it to the finals for the third time.
Interview with “Air Stairway”, the champion of “King of Contrast 2021”!
An interview with “Air Stairs”, the champion of “King of Contrast 2021”!

From the October 22-29, 2021 issue of FRIDAY

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