Liberal Democratic Congressman: “Shut up” in opposition to state funeral, Unification Church “proud” of him, causing a firestorm. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Liberal Democratic Congressman: “Shut up” in opposition to state funeral, Unification Church “proud” of him, causing a firestorm.

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The Hokkaido assemblyman’s radical remarks have caused a firestorm on the Internet. Even Prime Minister Kishida, who is trying to defuse the situation, seems to have his head in the sand…

“I want to tell those who oppose the national funeral…okay, okay…I won’t ask you to agree with me or say anything wild…so just shut up already (angry emoji).

A number of tweets posted by a certain LDP local assemblyman have become controversial. That person is Hokkaido assemblyman Yasunori Michimi.

According to his profile on his official website, he was born in Sapporo in 1966. He is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party and was elected for the second time as a member of the Hokkaido Prefectural Assembly in the 2007 local elections.

Speaking of the LDP, President Kishida notified the party to cut ties with the former Unification Church and apologized in front of the cameras to the public. Secretary-General Motegi has also made such a big deal about it that he has announced that if the party fails to break ties with the church, he will force them to leave the party.

Incidentally, two days before Prime Minister Kishida and Secretary General Mogi’s statement, Michimi Michinori, on Twitter, asked a general user, “Are you involved with the Unification Church?” When asked, “Are you involved with the Unification Church?

I am involved. I don’t hide it. I am equally involved with religious organizations. In other words, I have a relationship with support groups.

Especially with religious groups, I have an inner sympathy to cherish our pioneer ancestors and ancestors. I was taught that this was a matter of course, and I have grown up with it. I am proud of that.

He answered, “I am proud of it. In other words, he is “proud” of his relationship with the former Unification Church.

In addition, regarding the media coverage of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral and the media coverage of the former Unification Church, Mr. Michimi said, “I am proud of the fact that the mass media is still trying to spread the news about the late Prime Minister.

The trash still beats the deceased. NTV is definitely anti-Japanese.

Freedom of speech? Freedom of expression? It’s not an incident you can get involved in, so shut up, anti-Japanese, we don’t need anti-Japanese in Japan.

He also made the argument that the media coverage of Mr. Abe does not fall under the category of freedom of expression.

These radical statements caused a firestorm on the Internet. The word “Yasunori Michimi” was ranked as the fastest-rising word on search engines.

The LDP is trying to calm down, but Mr. Michimi is just throwing gasoline all over the place,” said one LDP leader. His behavior is making the LDP leaders very uneasy.

Nippon TV is anti-Japanese,” but it is the former Unification Church that has been stealing money from Japanese believers and transferring it to Korea through psychic sales methods. It is wrong to call a person who declares involvement with such a cult anti-Japanese.

The former Unification Church’s psychic business was ruled illegal by the Sapporo District Court in 2001, and although the case was later challenged before the Supreme Court, it is now a final decision.

How will the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP) really make a judgment on Mr. Michimi, who is also proud of his involvement with the former Unification Church and other organizations, even though he is a local councilor?

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