Fans rejoice at Yukina Kinoshita’s bold selfie on a bed in a luxury hotel! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Yukina Kinoshita’s bold selfie on a bed in a luxury hotel!

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Yukina Kinoshita has been making a splash with a bold selfie on a bed at a luxury hotel on her Instagram account . Kinoshita seems to have stayed at Sheraton and is sitting cross-legged on the fluffy bed. She is wearing a green one-piece dress that boldly exposes her breasts.

Yukkina stretched her wings at a luxury hotel. She seems to have enjoyed her last summer vacation with her daughters at the hotel (from her Instagram @yukina1204xoxo).

The last of the summer vacation was with my daughters (emoji with a musical note). The sea was beautiful. We spent the last night in a beautiful room at the Sheraton. Let’s work hard from tomorrow!

This post attracted comments such as “I could see Yukina’s smile,” “Good job on your summer vacation,” ” I’m glad you had a good summer,” and “I’m glad you spent happy time with your mom and daughters, .

Kinoshita was born in Tokyo in 1987 and her nickname is “Yukkina. She was scouted in Shibuya in 2006 and entered the entertainment industry. Her unusual answers on a quiz show became the talk of the town and gave her a break, but she retired from show business in July 2020 due to the tapioca store fiasco and other reasons. However, she gradually resumed her entertainment activities by restarting her Instagram, which she had once shut down, and was also used as a product model for a fashion brand in 2021.

In the fall of 2009, she opened a YouTube channel. In the fall of 2009, she opened a YouTube channel. I still want to work in front of people. She expressed her desire to make a full-fledged return to show business. On the other hand, she stated that she would never appear on television and would focus on YouTube. She also said that she would continue to work as a model for a fashion brand.

In her personal life, she married Toshifumi Fujimoto of the comedy duo “Fujiwara” in 2010, and they have two daughters. Kinoshita is known as a great cook and once had a cooking show. In 2014, she published ” Yukina Mei.” as a book of “dishes that made my husband, Toshifumi Fujimoto, happy.” was published. In the meantime, Kinoshita divorced Fujimoto on New Year’s Eve 2019. However, there have been no end of love rumors since then. Currently in a relationship with Hidetoshi Sanko of J2 Omiya Ardija, she often shows how well they seem to get along on Instagram.

There are only four months left in 2022. I wonder if there will be any happy reports by the end of this year ……!

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