Nakamura Shikan, Separated from Hiroko Mita: “Playing with women is an art form” will no longer be tolerated | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nakamura Shikan, Separated from Hiroko Mita: “Playing with women is an art form” will no longer be tolerated

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Kabuki actor Nakamura Shikan has reportedly separated from Hiroko Mita. His own female problems seem to be the cause…

It is said that Kabuki actor Shikan Nakamura is having an affair again, and again — this time with his wife Hiroko Mita.

This time, he is reportedly separated from his wife, Hiroko Mita.

The two met in 1988. It was during the filming of the movie “Otoko wa Tsuraiyo Tora Jiro Salad Anniversary.

Mr. Mita went to visit his co-star, Toshinori Onomi, in the middle of his shift. There, he met the “Hashinosuke” of the time.

Hashinosuke, who had been an ardent fan for some time, made a strong proposal to Mr. Mita. He asked her for an interview for a magazine, and they went on a drive-through date.

Mr. Mita got the impression that he was an “enthusiastic person” when he saw her listening to tapes of Kabuki plays in the car, and they developed a relationship. I was so engrossed in the interview that I even took the microphone out and asked Hashinosuke’s father, Shikan, from the Kabuki-za Theater to Ginza Sukiyabashi in Tokyo, asking him questions about Hashinosuke and Mita’s marriage for about 10 minutes straight.

Of course, Mr. Shikan did not answer a single word. This was immediately reported by Shochiku.

What are you doing to a living national treasure?

The broadcast was not allowed.

Shortly thereafter, in June 1991, the couple announced their engagement, and a grand wedding reception was scheduled for November 28 at a hotel in Tokyo.

The wedding cake was 80 cm long and three-tiered. It was said to be handmade by Mr. Mita.

Some said, “An actress cannot be the wife of a Kabuki actor.

However, as the wife of a Kabuki actor, Ms. Mita managed to deal with her patrons, greet them, and so on, with aplomb. She also gave birth to three boys, all of whom are heirs to the Kabuki theater.

Her first son was Hashinosuke IV, her second son was Fukunosuke III, and her third son was Utanosuke IV, all of whom are now kabuki actors.

The first time Shikan-san’s problems with women came to light was in the 15th year of his marriage.’ It was 16 years.

My wife scolded me severely. It was my fault,” he apologized.

Mr. Shikan apologized. Mr. Mita told the media packed into his house in the rain.

My father, the seventh generation, is famous for being a rain man, and I think the rain is watching over us, saying, ‘We have to tighten our belts and work harder. The rain will harden the ground.

He responded in a godly manner. And to the reporters who came to interview him in the rain

“I’m sorry you got soaked. I’m sorry.

and “I’m sorry you got soaked,” to the reporters who came to cover the event in the rain. As Mita’s wife, her response was also a big topic of conversation.

It was truly a press conference in which Shikan, the adulterer, was saved. However, just before his succession to the title, a second report of an affair broke out.

Because it was the second affair, there was talk of a “divorce at last,” but Mr. Mita said, “We are deeply sorry for what we have done together as a couple.

We are deeply sorry for our sins as a couple,” Shikan said.

Shikan says, “We are deeply sorry for what we have done together. Again, she said of her husband’s adulterous divorce, “I have no intention of divorcing him.

I am not divorcing my husband.

Mita also cheerfully denied that she and her husband were divorcing. How many times has Mr. Shikan been saved by his wife’s natural cheerfulness?

As his wife, my job is to make sure the succession takes place properly,” he said. She is the one who willed her father to leave this job to me. This was his father’s legacy.

This is the third time Mr. Shawan has had an affair with Mr. Mita, who continues to say, “This is my father’s legacy. And this time, they were reported to have separated. Mr. Mita said

My husband and I are both adults, and really, he is my husband and I am me. I am aware that I am trying to do my job properly so as not to cause trouble for everyone. I think it would be better to ask him about that.

Mr. Mita is a man of wisdom.

He says, “Playing with women is a good fertilizer for the arts.

Kabuki actors used to make a big fuss over geiko in the hanayagi-kai, saying, “Playing with women is a good fertilizer for the arts. If it was just for fun, it could be forgiven, but when it happens as often as Mr. Mita does, he may not be able to handle it any longer.

I once went to cover the “Reborn Parade” held at USJ in Osaka. At that time, Mr. Mita said

I went to cover the parade, and Mr. Mita said to me, “We are fine.

He spoke to me.

It is undoubtedly thanks to Mr. Mita that Narikomaya has been able to raise its three children to become accomplished kabuki actors and support Narikomaya. I am worried about how their separation will affect their future.

  • Written by Toshio Ishikawa (entertainment reporter) Toshio Ishikawa (Entertainment Reporter)

    Born in Tokyo in 1946. He has a unique career path from Shochiku's Advertising Department to a reporter for women's magazines to an entertainment reporter. He has appeared on "The Wide" and "Information Live Miyaneya" (both on Nippon Television Network Corporation), and currently appears regularly on "Mentai Wide" (Fukuoka Broadcasting System), "Su Matan" (Yomiuri Television), and Rainbow Town FM

  • Photo: Motoo Naka/Afro Motoo Naka/Afro

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