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Surprising heir of “150 million yen insurance money” in Takatsuki insurance money murder case

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Suspect Rin being sent to the police station. During interrogation, he also stated that he was “thinking of running away.

In the early morning of September 1, Rin Takai (nee Matsuda), 28, a suspect in the Takatsuki City (Osaka Prefecture) insurance money murder case, committed suicide in a detention center and was pronounced dead at the hospital where she was taken. The death of the suspect during the investigation has left the truth of the case in the dark.

The incident began on July 26, 2021, when Naoko Takai, 54, was found dead in the bathroom of her home in Takatsuki City. The police determined that there was a possibility of a crime because of the presence of strapping bands on her hands and feet, and began their investigation.

Ms. Takai, who worked for an affiliate of a city bank, was single and had no siblings. Her only immediate family was her elderly mother, who was suspected of suffering from dementia. The suspect, Rin, adopted Naoko in February 2021. Naoko was insured for 150 million yen with Rin as the beneficiary,” said an investigator.

Rin attended Kwansei Gakuin University from junior high school through university, where he was a member of the American football team’s quarterback position. He was a gem of a player, having been selected for the Japanese high school national team, but he stopped his activities at university and became a high school coach. After graduating from college, he worked for a foreign consulting firm before rejoining Prudential Insurance, where he worked in life insurance and other sales positions until his retirement in June 2020. His performance was outstanding within the company.

The “Unexpected Person” Who Will Be the Legal Heir

A picture of him smoking a cigar posted on his SNS. He lived in a luxury tower apartment in Tokyo, drove a black Lamborghini, and led a luxurious lifestyle.

Although Naoko’s cash and other assets have already been inherited by Rin, there are no reports that the insurance money, which amounted to as much as 150 million yen, was transferred to Rin. If the insurance money is paid out in the future, who will be the beneficiary? One would think that Naoko’s mother would inherit the money, but according to the law, another person is entitled to it.

However, the inheritance rights will be transferred to the suspect’s wife and blood relatives. However, the right of inheritance will be transferred to the suspect’s wife and blood relatives. Assuming there are no children and the parents are still alive, the wife’s inheritance share would be 2/3 andthe parents’ inheritance share would total 1/3. In other words, of the 150 million yen life insurance policy , Butei’s wife will receive 100 million yen and the parents will receive the remaining 50 million yen. However, we do not know whether they will claim this in court. (Insurance agency official)

Nevertheless, Butei is suspected of murdering Naoko for the insurance money. He is also suspected of forging the permission of his wife and parents on the adoption notification submitted to Takatsuki City Hall. Although it is doubtful that the insurance company will pay out the insurance money in the first place, a lawyer familiar with insurance troubles says, “There is a strong possibility that the insurance company will have to pay out the money.

If the suspect, Butei, who was the beneficiary of the insurance claim, intentionally caused the death of the insured, Naoko, the insurance company would not be required to pay the insurance claim. However, for this to happen, the criminal trial conviction must be final. Since the criminal proceedings are completed upon the suspect’s death, it becomes difficult for the insurance company to prove that the Butei suspect intentionally caused Naoko’s death.”

Of course, there is a possibility that the Butei suspect’s wife or parents will renounce inheritance. However, if they do wish to inherit, it could lead to a muddled legal battle. As the lawyer continued, “First, there is the possibility that Butei and Naoko will be forced to give up their inheritance.

First of all, it is possible that Naoko’s mother will claim that the adoption between Butei and Naoko is invalid. If the suspect had forged the adoption papers and submitted them to the authorities without Naoko’s permission, the adoption would be invalid. In that case, the beneficiary of the life insurance policy would likely be switched to Naoko-san’s mother. Naoko-san’s mother herself has dementia, but if an adult guardian has been appointed, that guardian can make this claim.”

The suspect, Rin, was in the middle of a divorce settlement with his wife, while he was leading a luxurious life with his mistress. Were the insurance money and the real estate a stepping stone for him to leave his wife and start a new life? It is said that he came up with the idea of committing the crime around Valentine’s Day last year. How did he commit the crime? It is a bitter regret that we could not get to the bottom of the matter in order to deter crime.

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