Lady Gaga’s first “super-secret shopping trip” in six years reveals changes | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Lady Gaga’s first “super-secret shopping trip” in six years reveals changes

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On August 31, Gaga goes shopping at “MEGA Donki” in Shibuya. Although she was dressed in a perfectly normal outfit, the number of items she bought in the two hours of “shopping spree” was a revelation. After all, super celebrities are different!

On August 31, the last day of her summer vacation, the world diva Lady Gaga (36) arrived at Don Quijote in Shibuya. She is known as a Japanophile, but due to Corona, it has been over 6 years since her last visit to Japan.

Gaga has always appeared in front of the camera in eccentric fashion whenever she has visited Japan, but on this occasion, she was wearing a black T-shirt, white shorts, and sneakers, hiding her proud blonde hair inside a cap in a very ordinary fashion. Gaga, who was dressed in a nondescript outfit, entered the huge discount store “MEGA Don Quijote” with her strong bodyguards.

Gaga spent about two hours shopping, pushing her own shopping cart up each floor from the first to the sixth, one floor at a time. She “bought” Japanese goods such as face masks, octopus dumplings, cosmetics, and confectioneries. It took about 15 minutes just to pay at the cash register,” said a female customer who witnessed the event.

While the accompanying staff packed a large number of plastic bags into the car, Gaga paid with her own purse.

Rumors spread quickly when a world-famous celebrity stays in a restaurant for two hours. By the time she left the store, she was greeted by “little monsters” (fans) who had heard the rumors, but Gaga hid her face with a cap to avoid being seen and got into her car, surrounded by her bodyguards. This is a scene that has never been seen in her previous visits to Japan.

When she came to Japan in 2002, she appeared in the airport lobby wearing a thong shell bikini under a pair of skimpy tights. When she left Japan, she was treated as a VIP and went to the security checkpoint from the back, but when she heard that fans were waiting to see her off, she went out of her way to give them a kiss in the lobby, which was a bit surprising since she was an artist who seemed to enjoy having her picture taken. (Sports newspaper photographer)

Gaga has maintained a one-of-a-kind style, but has there been a change in her state of mind? In any case, we are glad that she enjoyed herself in Japan.

Gaga discreetly enters a donkey store flanked by her strong bodyguards.
After spending 15 minutes to pay the bill by herself, Gaga was also flanked by bodyguards as she exited the store and did not respond to her fans’ calls.
Gaga, who posed for this magazine’s photographer when she came to Japan in November 2004.
  • PHOTO. Takero Yui (4th photo only)

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