The point is “NHK”… The real reason why the pears garden is furious at Teruyuki Kagawa. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The point is “NHK”… The real reason why the pears garden is furious at Teruyuki Kagawa.

Immediately after the report, the Kabuki world did not see it as a problem, saying, "It's a common occurrence in Nashien," but as soon as NHK decided to drop him, they were furious. .....

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Kagawa waits for a car to pick her up after recording an NHK program in July 2020. The “sexual assault” in question took place about a year ago.

Teruyuki Kagawa (56), who was reportedly involved in “sexual assault,” has been the subject of outrage from the nashien community.

In the August 24 issue of Shukan Shincho, Kagawa was reported to have committed “sexual assault” against a female hostess at a club in Ginza, Tokyo, in July 2019, including touching her breasts and kissing her, which caused the victim to develop PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

On September 1, TBS announced Kagawa’s resignation from the morning information program “THE TIME,” which she anchors on Fridays (TBS). On the same day, Toyota Motor Corporation decided not to renew Kagawa’s contract with the company when it expires at the end of the year. In addition, two commercial companies have also decided to drop her. The remaining two companies are also said to be considering the decision. NHK’s move attracted the most attention.

At a regular press conference on January 1, NHK Chairman Akinobu Maeda (77) said, “We are aware of the news reports and believe that it is something that should not happen. and NHK General’s “Insects Amazing Z!” in which Mr. Kagawa has appeared. In the end, it was decided that both programs would not be broadcast in the future. It is highly unlikely that any footage of Ms. Kagawa will be shown on NHK in the future, including reruns of the drama.

NHK’s response was met with dismay by those involved in the pompous Kabuki actor Ichikawa Nakagawa.

As a Kabuki actor, Ichikawa Chuguruma, there is no problem. But as an actor, he is …..

In fact, immediately after the news broke, it wasn’t much of an issue, or hardly even brought up at all,” said one actor. One actor said, ‘What’s the problem? It was three years ago, and you settled the case, so there’s no problem at all. I don’t think there are many people who really thought the fire would be extinguished soon.

At first, the perception was that an article of this magnitude would not change the position of “Kabuki actor Ichikawa Chuguruma” in the Kabuki world. However, as the criticism continued, and as the number of resignations continued to mount, he finally began to realize the gravity of the situation.

The Kabuki world is currently in a state of financial crisis due to the prolonged COVID-19 crisis,” he said. Many actors are suffering from a decrease in income. Even if they perform on stage, their income continues to decline because they can’t attract the audience that is the most important thing. I would like to perform in anything on stage, even if it is not kabuki. To be honest, if it is on television, I would jump at any role. In the past few years, a great many kabuki actors have appeared on NHK, especially in NHK Taiga dramas. This is largely due to Mr. Kagawa’s achievements and accomplishments.

However, the fact that Mr. Kagawa was “banned” from NHK However, the fact that Mr. Kagawa has been “banned” from NHK is a big blow to actors who have been waiting to be approached by NHK. As the Kabuki industry was quiet about this incident at first, there is still a certain old-fashioned attitude toward women’s issues in the Kabuki industry. This delay in awareness may lead to the perception that Kabuki actors themselves are “high-risk.

Veteran actors are also troubled by the decision.

Veteran actors are also troubled by the decision, saying, “I am most concerned that the physical examinations will become more rigorous. The reason why there have been no outspoken harsh words against Mr. Kagawa from Nashien is because they are afraid of a boomerang effect. When you are a veteran actor, you have one or two things you don’t want to be probed about. Like Mr. Kagawa, he had a problem with a woman, and even if he thought he had cleaned up the mess properly, it would come out like this after some time had passed. Kagawa’s problems are no longer a matter of someone else’s concern.

One veteran actor sighingly muttered these words to Kagawa.

A veteran actor said to Kagawa with a sigh, “Nakaguruma (Kagawa) probably didn’t really want to be a Kabuki actor, but his son Danko (Ichikawa Danko) did. But he entered the Kabuki world to fulfill his desire to have his son Danko Ichikawa (18) somehow succeed him in the name of Ennosuke. He had quite a hard time on stage, you know. Probably he was stressed out by the gap between how he was treated in the TV industry and how he was treated in the nashien. But when things like this happen, I think the only way out is to change your mind and devote yourself to your art.”

The kabuki industry has been unexpectedly agitated. With the Corona recession still lingering in the industry as a whole, the damage from the “Kagawa shock” may be surprisingly large.

  • PHOTO. Yuri Adachi

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