Attendants who have been exposed by Gershey’s “Attenders” talk about the “quid pro quo” they receive in return for their services. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Attendants who have been exposed by Gershey’s “Attenders” talk about the “quid pro quo” they receive in return for their services.

Attenders" whose existence was revealed by Garcy's exposure. How they connect with celebrities: .......

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Gershey had the absolute trust of celebrities who love to play.” The revelation of a top “attender” may change the way entertainers play in the future… (from “gaasyy-ch”)

The emergence of YouTuber and House of Councilors member Yoshikazu Azumaya (50), a.k.a. “Garcy,” has brought some people into the limelight. These are the so-called “attenders.

When a celebrity asks me if I want to hang out with a girl, I take her to a cabaret club. That way, there is no problem with being photographed. I don’t think we can play with girls the way we used to.

Mr. X, who has been running several restaurants in Fukuoka for more than ten years, is one of the so-called “attendants” who arrange and pay for meals and drinks for entertainers when they come to Fukuoka. He is one of the attendants.

I had never heard of an attendant until Mr. Garcie used the term, but there have always been people like me who take care of celebrities. They accompany them to meals and drinks, and pay for their meals. However, what is a little different from a “tanimachi” is that they do not only serve as “wallets,” but have evolved from there to naturally take care of not only the restaurant, but also the launch, girls, travel arrangements, and other details during their long association with the entertainer. And they want a lot in return” (Mr. X).

As Gershey writes in his book, “Death is the only way to go,” attendants are found all over the country. If a performer goes to a local area, the local attendant is supposed to take care of them. Naturally, the entertainment agencies were tacit in their approval. Naturally, the entertainment agencies were silent about it, because it was the safest way for the entertainers to play it safe.

In my case, I often took care of the girls who were not big-name entertainers and who were not making enough money to play with on their own. If I met a celebrity girl from Tokyo at a bar or a party, I would say to her, ‘Next time you come to Fukuoka for a visit, I’ll take you out to dinner and we’ll become friends. Then, since they don’t have money, they would contact me and say, ‘Please let me eat something delicious. Sometimes they come with one or two people, sometimes with 10 people. Of course, I pay for everything, including the legwork.

After dinner, I usually take them to a high-class cabaret. Even if they are not successful, they are good-looking, so they are popular. They hit on me on their own and the cabaret girls want to play with them afterwards.

Then, I take them to my bar on the third stop. Even though it is a bar, it does not look like a restaurant because it is a room of an apartment building from the outside. It is strictly members-only, so first-time customers are not allowed in. That’s why reporters from weekly magazines don’t sneak into the bar. The cabaret girls and the girls they call come to the bar, and we let them stretch their wings and play to their heart’s content.

The reason Garcie was said to be “exceptional” was that the level and number of girls he could provide at a moment’s notice far exceeded that of other attendants, but there are various ways for attendants to increase the number of girls they have on hand.

Unlike in the Minato-ku area, there are not so many high-level girls available in the provinces. So, some of the attendants who run stores and work as attendants in the provinces will go outside the store and pick up pretty girls by saying, “I’ll let you drink for free. As they gather girls and give them drinks in this way, word spreads that the restaurant is frequented by many pretty girls.

Rumors reach the center from local TV stations and branch offices, and eventually people in the entertainment industry learn about it. When you go to 00 City, you should go to that restaurant. If there are not enough girls, they can call out to them and get them, and the girls can have a drink with the entertainers in private, rather than being entertained at the restaurant, so it’s a win-win situation. For the entertainers, even if the girls are cabaret girls, they are more relaxed this way. Moreover, this is much more efficient than running a cabaret club.

One question arises here. By having entertainers play with cabaret girls and amateur girls they meet on the street, will information be leaked to the outside world?

That’s the hard part.” “No matter how careful you are, information can leak out. Mr. Garcie is great in that respect, too. We also check and supervise the girls very strictly, because it is also a matter of the store’s survival. Photography is not allowed in the store. Of course, girls who cannot keep secrets are banned from the store, and in a small area like a rural area, other stores are also banned from the store because of horizontal connections, so girls don’t take such risks. We also check the identity of the girls. Age is also a definite factor. We ask them to show us proof of age to verify their age. If we let an underage girl in, she’s out in a heartbeat.

Some of the girls were female idols belonging to young idol groups.

In the case of celebrity girls, we give them more money for cab fare. For example, the girls in young idol groups really don’t have any money, so some of them decided which attendant’s restaurant to go to based on the amount of cab fare. Among them, Mr. Garcie was exceptional. He was very popular, saying, ‘With Mr. Garcie, it’s safe and he is very generous.

(Mr. X) “So far, it seems that attendants are convenient for entertainers because they let them play for free, but what do attendants get in return for taking care of entertainers?

What is the payoff for the attendants? Gershwin also did not earn money by attending to entertainers. If you get to know a lot of entertainers and have them come to your restaurant, they will drop money and you can advertise your restaurant. If word gets out that it is safe to play there, many entertainers will come to your store. If these girls can play with their own money, they will drop their money at your store. It’s a “lose some and gain some. Attendants need to have money first.

Attendants are indispensable for entertainers who want to have fun with girls, but they have been forced to change their business model due to Gurthy’s “revelations.

After Mr. Gurnsey’s revelations began, I received a lot of phone calls from entertainment agency presidents and managers. They were saying, “Our talent is not doing anything wrong, right? At the same time, I was repeatedly told, “Don’t let them play in the store.

Partly because of Corona, young idols and young actors who used to come to Fukuoka not only for business but also for their private time stopped coming to Fukuoka. The bars that used to thrive with these young people coming to Fukuoka are no longer able to survive. I have changed some of my bars to girls’ bars or restaurants where anyone can easily come in. From now on, I think the only way to have fun is to take them out to eat or to take them to cabarets,” said X.

Thanks to attendants like Gershie, many entertainers have been able to vent without hesitation. There must have been many delinquent entertainers among them who played the kind of games that were exposed by Gershie. They were also the ones who cleaned up the mess. They were never supposed to be in the public eye, but Gurnsey’s revelations have made their existence known to the public, and the entertainers who played with them feel threatened that their secrets might be exposed.

We have never welcomed the idea of dating attendants, but there have been celebrities who have played with them in secret. We have to be stricter in the future, but I would like to say that it is okay to play with them, but at least don’t do anything that could lead to them being exposed to secrets.

It seems that in the future, the number of places and opportunities for celebrities to engage in “bad play” in peace will decrease drastically.

  • Interview and text by Hiroyuki Sasaki Hiroyuki Sasaki

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Hiroyuki Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time with FRIDAY and later working mainly for weekly magazines. Currently he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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